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June 1999

  • Fainted at how long it is since we updated this particular part of the website!
  • Much restructuring of the FTP site.
  • News pictures added of residents and from meets (Cambridge, February '97, Cambridge, March '97, Cambridge, March '97, Cambridge, May '97, Cambridge, June '97, New Jersey, January '98, Huddersfield, January '98, Coventry, April '98, Cambridge, June '98, York, August '98, Lancaster, November '98, London, January '99, Durham, March '99, Nebraska, March '99, Nottingham, May '99).
  • January 1997 - May 1999

  • Moved the site from vega to europa to europaII to europa to starbug to (still starbug, really) and finally to, which became it's own autonomous server,, hosted by Magic-Moments.
  • FTP site *ahem* partially deleted... unfortunately the majority part.
  • Many more pictures added to try to rebuild it.
  • April to December 1996

  • Many more pictures uploaded, including pictures from the meets in Cambridge in July and November, and from small mini-meets across the country.
  • Cartoons of residents drawn by Pineapplehead added.
  • General restructuring of some parts of the ftp site, including moving it in its entirety from squeak to vega.
  • 26 March 1996

  • Added an alphabetical index and a list by date of the residents pictures to the FTP site. [Ed's note - These have since been lost.]
  • Added some new meet pictures to the FTP site.
  • Added some penguin and snow-related images to the FTP site.
  • Added some Snowplains logos to the FTP site.
  • Added piccies of our recent punt trip to the FTP site. [Ed's note - These too have gone.]
  • 25 March 1996

  • Added piccies for the first mini-meet. [Ed's note - Ditto]
  • 22 March 1996

  • Created a Snowplains FTP site.

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