Snowplains Help

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General Help



Restriction: royal

Usage: siteban <subcommand>

  • For Royals and above: siteban commands List available siteban subcommands siteban examine Display full details of a siteban siteban list List all defined sitebans
  • For Kings and above: siteban addrange Add an address range to a specific siteban siteban create Create a new siteban siteban delete Delete a siteban siteban delrange Remove an address range from a siteban siteban expire Change the expiration date for a siteban siteban reload Reload sitebans from disk (loses unsaved changes) siteban reason Set the reason for a siteban siteban rename Rename a siteban siteban sync Save siteban definitions to disk siteban type Change the type of a siteban (none, newbie, complete)
  • The 'siteban' command can be abbreviated to 'sb', and 'examine' to 'x'.


    Restriction: choc

    Usage: amend <log> <comment>

  • Allows staff to add explanatory comments to logfiles.
  • You can add comments to any logfile that you can view using vlog. The comment itself will be added to the current end of the log.
  • See also: archive_log, check logs, vlog

  • Consultancy

  • Much as the staff are on hand to provide you with any assistance you might require with Snowplains, they aren't provided as a catch-all technical support line.
  • If you have been referred to this help file, it means your questions are above and beyond the normal workload of being a staff member and into the realms of independent consultancy.
  • Should you still wish to pursue your line of enquiry, now is the time to negotiate with your chosen staff member as to which rate you will be billed at.
  • All billing rates are set by individual staff members and any consultancy provided is subject to an exclusive contract between you and that staff member and not the responsibility of Snowplains or the Snowplains Admin.
  • Alternatively, take your questions to an appropriate support line or search the internet - just don't continue to harass the staff member.

  • Cows

  • Cows are ruminants or cud-chewing animals eating hay, corn, soybeans, grass, wheat, and ensilage. Each cow eats 20 to 25 pounds of grain, 40 to 60 pounds of ensilage, 30 pounds of hay and drinks 15 to 25 gallons of water every day.
  • Cows have 12 large back molars in each jaw, and 8 incisors located on the bottom jaw, and a thick pad on the top jaw.
  • A cow has 4 stomachs. They are: the rumen, where the food is first stored, the reticulum where food that has been more thoroughly chewed is stored once the cow has chewed the cud and has swallowed it; the omasum where extra water is squeezed out, and finally the food goes to the abomasum. Some of the digested food is then stored in the cow's udder where it is made into milk.
  • In a year, a dairy cow produces 1,500 gallons of milk.
  • Cows are sedentary animals spending up to 8 hours a day chewing the cud while standing still or lying down to rest after grazing. When going to be milked, a certain cow, in an established herd, always leads the others with the weaker and older cattle trailing behind the group.
  • While some cows can live up to 40 years, they generally do not live beyond 20 years. In that time dairy cows may have as many as 10 to 12 calves.
  • India has the most cattle, about 200 million.
  • Tauraphobia is the fear of bulls, cows and oxen. One of the Snowplains staff is a tauraphobe.
  • See also: Molt

  • F/X File Commands

    Things you can do with your f/x files: 
      title          Change the message after your name.
      prefix         Change the message before your name.
      description    Write a long description of yourself.
      tagline        Write a short one-line comment.
      plan           Set a message for when you're not on the program.
      email          Set your email address.
      public         Make your email address public for everyone to see.
      private        Make your email address private (only staff can see it).
      gender         Change your sex.
      recap          Change the capitalisation of your name.
      age            Set your age (0 turns off).
      birthday       Set your birthday (0 turns off).
      pet_of         Makes you the of someone.    
      slave_of       Makes you the slave of someone.
      picture        Set the URL of a picture of you.
      url            Set the URL of your home page.
      location       Set your real life location.
      rlname         Set your real life name.
      icq            Set your ICQ number.
      purity         Set your purity score.
  • See also: examine, finger

  • Name Changes

  • If you want to change your character's name, you must be prepared to have your current character nuked, and to be re-ressed as the new name.
  • You must email from your registered email account, stating the current name, that you are prepared for it to be nuked, and the new name that you want.
  • You will lose ALL information attached to the old character, including rooms, list (contents AND size), mail, objects, sps and quiz scores, descriptions, and login time.
  • Although we _may_ restore list size, we can not restore any other part of your character. You are recommended to take a copy of all room descriptions, read all mail, etc before requesting a rename.
  • See also: nuke, rename

  • Etiquette

  • Although Snowplains is a place where freedom of speech is largely permitted, it' s a good idea to bear in mind that not everyone may want to see everything you type!
  • Keeping things on the right channels is a part of etiquette which is expected on here - the channels and their highlighting levels exist for clarity.
  • As a few guidelines: - Don't clog up the room channel by repeatedly spamming with socials. - Don't have a conversation cross-channels, as some people may then only end up with half of it. - Don't send messages to everyone unless it's appropriate - an example of misuse is routinely shouting messages when logging on or off. - Don't overuse capital letters, for it comes across that you are raising your voice, and that's not nice.
  • See also: spam, caps, rules


    Restriction: king

    Usage: lurkmode <idlemsg>

  • Sets an idle message which will not be lost if you do commands. Nor will your idle time be reset.
  • Use 'lurkmode' on its own to stop lurking.
  • See also: idlemsg, idle


    Restriction: none

    Usage: headlines

  • Display the current UK news headlines, updated on the hour every hour.

  • ICQ

    Restriction: res

    Usage: icq <icq number>

  • Set your ICQ number to be displayed on your finger file.
  • For more information about ICQ, visit their website at:

  • PET_OF

    Restriction: res

    Usage: pet_of [<name>]

  • Become someone's, allowing you to snuggle up with your new owner, and be taken care of all day long.
  • 'pet_of' without a name makes you a free creature, to fend for yourself.
  • You may only be the pet of one person.
  • See also: lss, slave_of

  • Typos

  • Sometimes it's really difficult to read really bad typing.
  • You might notice this especially if you ever talk to Rillaith or Ghoti.
  • Theri tpying freqquentl ylooks liek theis!
  • Some Penguins have patent Rilli-decoders which helps alleviate the worst effects of this, failing that, having built in typo-correction really helps.


    Restriction: res

    Usage: purity [<percentage>]

  • This sets your purity score to <percentage> pure, which will then be visible to anyone who 'examine's you.
  • 'purity' on its own blanks your purity score.
  • For an indication, 12% means someone is a little devil, and 98% means someone is very angelic indeed! A copy of the MIT 500 question purity test (aka the ISO standard) can be found on the ftp site.

  • Snowplains T-Shirts

  • We finally have Snowplains t-shirts. The first batch have all been sold, but we're ordering some more. So if you want to own clothing at the pinnacle of fashion, email so he knows how many to order.
  • The design is on the FTP site, in directory 'pictures/images'.
  • The cost is 10 quid including postage.

  • Annulment of Marriages

  • If you get net.married on Snowplains, and later get net.divorced, this will permanently be shown on your x file as long as your character remains resident on Snowplains.
  • The only condition under which the admin will consider removing a relationship from your x file is if the player it relates to is no longer a resident.
  • Any marriage on Snowplains is your own choice, unless you're using the commands to spam the talker, when you might be married as a disciplinary action.


    Restriction: res

    Usage: object <msgtype> <num> [<message>]

  • These commands can be used by the owner of an object to attach a message to certain events involving the object.
  • There are 3 events which currently have messages attached. These are: dropmsg Dropping an object. succmsg Picking up an object. failmsg Failing to pick up an object. (Not yet implemented.)
  • These commands as they are set the message displayed to the person performing the action which results in the message being displayed. eg: The daisy makes a loud "Kerthud" as you let it fall to the ground.
  • The complementary messages displayed to everyone else in the room are set using 'odropmsg', 'osuccmsg', and 'ofailmsg', and will display the name of the person performing the action in front of the message you set, eg: Rillaith drops Marble's Giant Daisy.
  • See also: objects

  • Armadillos

  • The armadillo is a wonderful creature; smooth on the inside and crunchy on the outside.
  • Fwuffy armadillos are, however, a much cuter breed but, as a consequence, much rarer. Rillaith currently keeps a fwuffy 'dillo next to her bed for those special moments when she needs something to snuggle against. Be sure to ask her all about him.
  • As a word of warning, starching your fwuffy 'dillo is ill-advised and might result in a call from the RSPCA. You have been warned!
  • Note for Americans and other aliens: It's okay, it's not just a cultural difference or anything - we don't understand either. The Admin.

  • TLAs, or Three-Letter Acronyms

  • There are many TLA's (using "three" as meaning "three for sufficiently large values of three") in use on the internet, especially amongst spods, so, for all those people who haven't come across them yet, here are a few of the more commonly seen ones, and their meanings. AFAIK As Far As I Know AFK Away From the Keyboard BBL Be Back Later BBS Be Back Soon BRB Be Right Back BTW By The Way CBA Can('t) Be Arsed (interchangeable, but usually negated) FYI For Your Information IIRC If I Remember Correctly IM(H)O In My (Honest/Humble) Opinion IRL In Real Life IVL In Virtual Life IYSWIM If You See What I Mean LOL Laughs Out Loud NIFOC Naked In Front Of Computer (important to know, it's a regular occurence in these parts.. ;> ) OOC Out Of Curiosity OOI Out Of Interest OTOH On The Other Hand ROTFL Rolls On The Floor Laughing TTFN Ta Ta For Now WTF the Universal Interrogative Particle

  • Sex

  • It's that thing where two people who like each other bounce up and down lots on top of one another.
  • We assume some of it goes on in some igloos on the Snowplains, but try not to annoy people who you don't know by soliciting for action. If you really need it that bad then you should be elsewhere on the internet.
  • See also: gender

  • Rock and Roll

  • Yes, we have a rock that rolls.
  • See also: Marble or sex and drugs. (Marble being completely unrelated to the other topics, of course.)

  • Illiane

  • Of all the residents on Snowplains, Illiane is one to watch out for. It's not so much the mad whirl of bounces, sulks, leers, tirades and insinuations that she brings to people's lives; more the plain depth to which she can drag a conversation.
  • If you really feel up to it, come revel in the light of Illiane's glowing personality...and be left dazed, confused and with just the slightest feeling that you may never be able to call yourself sweet and innocent again.

  • Language

  • Please do not swear or use unacceptable language on public channels (ie in the main room, in shouts, etc). Unacceptable is deemed to be anything which causes offence to another user, and if a member of staff disciplines you for bad language, then please respect that some people are more easily upset by such language than you.
  • Please also note that foreign languages are considered spam on public channels, since many users will not understand them. Please restrict yourself to modern English only on these public channels.
  • The above rules also apply to titles, since they're shown globally on the 'who' listing.
  • Freer speech is acceptable in the colony, and in personal tells _provided_ the recipient is not offended by your language. Please respect other users sensitivities in this matter.

  • Mav

  • Definition: A message or action sent by accident to the wrong recipient(s); to send such a message or action.
  • After making such a mistake, the person at fault will usually just say "mav" to the accidental recipient(s) in order to convey that the previous message wasn't intended for them and should just be ignored.
  • 'Mav' derives from a player named Maverick on the original MU*, TinyMUD. Back in 1989, when the 'whisper' command was newly written, he became infamous for a couple of choice, misdirected emotes. The term is now widely used in the MU* community and was finally introduced to Snowplains by Bruce.


    Restriction: royal

    Usage: timeout <name>

  • This allows you to remove someone from the program if they haven't been on for a long time, and their existence is preventing a newbie from gaining residency due to clashing names.
  • This may only be done if the old player fits all of the following conditions - There must be a clashing newbie on (abuse of this WILL be taken seriously) - Player's last login must be more than one month ago - Player's total login time must be less than two days - Player's total login / time since last on must average < two hours / month
  • Admin (only) can supress some of these conditions by adding a - to the end of the name.
  • If you are going to be away from the net for a long period of time (eg a couple of months) not during university holidays, and you plan to be coming back in the future, ask an Emperor to grant you the no_timeout priv to ensure your character does not get wiped while you are away.

  • Multiple Characters

  • Multiple characters are not allowed, under any circumstances. If you forget your password, email and ask for it to be changed, do NOT get a second character ressed. Indeed, coming on as a newbie repeatedly (whether you already have a character or not) is frowned upon, and will be dealt with appropriately.
  • If you are caught with multiple characters, you risk losing them all.
  • The only exceptions to this rule are staff, who may have one second, which they may only use as an alternative to going off duty, ie when there are other active staff connected, and not at the same time as they are connected as their normal character.
  • See also: nuke

  • TFO

    Restriction: res

    Usage: tfo <name> <msg>

  • Tells to the friends of <name> if you are on their friend's list. Also 'to' or '}'.
  • 'rfo', 'ro', and '{' send an emote to the friends of <name>.
  • 'fto' sends a think to the friends of <name>.
  • 'fso' and 'fdo' send a sing or a dream respectively, to friends of <name>.
  • 'blockfriendsof' blocks all messages going to the friends of anyone.

  • Login Messages

  • No, we don't plan on having these. The messages displayed when someone connects or disconnects are part of the atmosphere of Snowplains, and we plan on keeping them just the way they are.

  • Cinnamon

  • Feed it to Bruce. Oh yes. And remember to stand well back. And have a camera with plenty of film *very* handy!!

  • Reviewing Tells

  • Although a few people have enquired, there are no plans to allow for reviewing tells or repeating tells to other people. There are telnet clients which support this for the majority of platforms, so we recommend downloading one of these. (Eg: tiny fugue, tush, winworlds, etc)

  • Web Interface

  • This is still fairly new, and as such, under development. Most messages which require some form of formatting or colour have been HTML-ised, but you may find there are still one or two things which don't quite look right. Please bear with us on this, it's a laborious process! If you find something particularly dodgy, use the 'bug' command.
  • If you connect to Snowplains via normal telnet after using the web interface, you will need to type 'country uk' (or whatever is appropriate) in order to stop seeing HTML tags.
  • See also: country

  • Idling

  • If you have been inactive for 30 minutes, you will be disconnected from Snowplains, even if you have set an idlemsg. Kings and Emperors who are on duty get longer, since they are probably doing something for Snowplains, and hey, they coded it anyway, so who's complaining?!
  • See also: idle, idlemsg, triggering

  • Triggering

  • Triggering, either on the idle-warning messages or some other event such as someone else connecting, is frowned upon, and should not be done under any circumstances. Continued use will be dealt with appropriately.
  • See also: warn, banish, nuke

  • QUIZ

    Restriction: res
      quiz          Do a quiz command, or enter quiz mode.
  • Via the quiz command, or whilst in quiz mode (recommended): play Join in the quiz. Happens automatically for your first answer. answer Give your answer for the last question. score Display the current scores for all players, and the winner. natter Talk to everyone playing the quiz or in quiz mode. commands List commands available in this mode. round Redisplay the current round. question Redisplay the current question. leave Leave quiz mode. giveup Wimp out of the quiz altogether and stop playing.
  • For quiz masters only: start Start a quiz. round Tell players the current round. question Ask a new question. answer Give the answer to the last question. lsa List the answers so far for the current question. tick [<num>] Award someone a number of points. Default is 1. cross Tells someone they're wrong. finish Finish a quiz, assuming there is a clear winner.

  • Quiz Masters

  • Quiz masters are the only people who can run quizzes on Snowplains, and have special commands to allow them to do so. If you would like to be a quiz master, speak to an Emperor, who will give you the priv.
  • Before you run a quiz, make sure you have read 'help quiz' and know what the commands are, and prepare some questions in advance. If we get a large number of complaints from participants in your quizzes about the poor quality of them, we will remove this priv from you, so please try to listen to the residents to see what type and level of difficulty of questions you can ask. Multi-round or A-Z quizzes are usually best received!
  • See also: quiz


    Restriction: res

    Usage: list_slaves

  • Lists the people currently on who are your slaves.
  • Can be abbreviated to 'lss'.
  • See also: slave_of


    Restriction: none

    Usage: country [<country code>]

  • Change the country that Snowplains thinks you are in.
  • This affects the language that output appears in. In the future it may do other things like set your jetlag automatically.
  • The country code is the standard two-character country code used at the end of Internet addresses (eg uk, us, etc). If no support is provided you will get the default (UK English) messages.
  • See also: jetlag

  • Games

  • Currently Snowplains has two playable games. These are i-spy, and scissors-paper-stone.
  • If you have any other games you would like to see coded, remember the 'suggest' command!
  • See also: sps, ispy

  • SPS

    Restriction: res

    Usage: sps <player> <scissors|paper|stone>

  • Invite someone to play scissors-paper-stone with you, or play against a player who has invited you.
  • 'sps' on it's own cancels the current invitation, and 'sps' <someone else> will cancel the current invitation before inviting another player to a game.
  • See also: ispy, games

  • BUY

    Restriction: res

    Usage: buy <object #>

  • Buy an object, at a cost of login time.
  • This will reduce your login time by the amount indicated when looking at the object.
  • See also: objects, inventory


    Restriction: none

    Usage: inventory

  • Displays a list of the objects you are carrying.
  • See also: objects, buy


    Restriction: none

    Usage: object <subcommand>

  • Perform actions on objects. The subcommands are as follows: object buy Buy an object, in exchange for login time. object commands List the available object subcommands. object drop Drop an object into the room you are in. object get Pick up an object from the room you are in. object info Display some info about an object. object inventory List all the objects you are carrying.
  • The commands for owners of an object are: object destroy Allows you to completely destroy an object. object give Changes the ownership and location of the object. object dropmsg } object odropmsg } Set messages for an object. object succmsg } See 'help object_msgs' for more info. object osuccmsg } object failmsg } \_ These last two not yet implemented object ofailmsg } /
  • Kings + object chown Change the owner of an object. object create Create a new object. object list Lists to a file all the objects there are. object sell Put an object on sale.
  • 'inventory' and 'buy' can also be used on their own.
  • See also: object_msgs, inventory, buy


    Restriction: res

    Usage: peng <your comments>

  • If you have any comment to make about any Penguin, good or bad, please feel free to use this command to let us know. Your comments will go to any admin connected at the time, and will also be saved to disk.
  • Please use this command for complaints or for praise, as this will let us know who is doing their job properly. We would also appreciate any comments you have about our summer penguins.
  • Please help us by using this command in a serious manner, and not for joking about, as this will only spam the log and waste disk space, resulting in this command having to be removed.
  • This command has also been aliased to 'pfb'


    Restriction: res

    Usage: hints <hint rate>

  • This command sets the rate at which the automatic hints and tips appear.
  • Use 'hints 0' to turn the hints off altogether.

  • Saved channels

  • The z-commands allow you to set a special group which you will join automatically every time you log in, and can talk on using the shortcut commands zu (natter), ze (emote), zt (think), zp (premote), zs (sing) without having to type the group name.
  • You can leave a z-channel temporarily with the 'grpleave' command, but you will rejoin it next time you log in.
  • This is similar to z-channels on other talkers.
  • To join a z-channel, use 'zc <name>'. To leave, just use 'zc'.
  • See also: groups, grpjoin, grpleave, grpinfo


    Restriction: none

    Usage: grpleave <group name>

  • Leaves a group you don't want to be in any more. Useful if group tells are spamming you.
  • If you use this to leave a group you used 'zc' to join, you will rejoin the group when you next log in.
  • See also: grplist, grpinfo, grpjoin, groups, zc


    Restriction: none

    Usage: grpjoin <group name>

  • Joins a group. Also creates it if the group does not exist.
  • See also: grplist, grpinfo, grpleave, groups, zc


    Restriction: none

    Usage: grpinfo <group name>

  • Shows information about a particular group, including who created it, when, and who are the members.
  • See also: grplist, grpjoin, grpleave, groups, zw


    Restriction: none

    Usage: grplist

  • Lists the available groups, and whether you are a member of them.
  • To join a group, simply use it. Or use the 'grpjoin' command.
  • See also: grpinfo, grpjoin, grpleave, groups, channels

  • Groups

  • A group is a shortcut to a list of people. Groups can be used wherever you could normally use a list of people, for instance in the 'tell' command.
  • To specify a group, you simply use a # followed by the group name eg. tell #spods Go to bed!
  • If you use a group in a command, you automatically become a member of it - if it doesn't exist, it will be created automatically too!
  • See also: grplist, grpinfo, grpjoin, grpleave, user_list, channels

  • Snowplains Newsgroup

  • The Snowplains UseNet newsgroup is: alt.talkers.snowplains
  • If your site doesn't have our newsgroup, ask your news administrator!

  • HELP ME!

    Your cries for help go unheeded. Aww :(          (Try talking to a Penguin..)


    Restriction: none

    Usage: rank [<name>|<ranking>|<from> <to>]

  • Tells you how far down the spods list (the list of login times) you come.
  • 'rank <name>' tells you the position of anyone else, and the spods above and below them.
  • 'rank <ranking>' tells you who is at a particular ranking.
  • 'rank <from> <to>' lists spods from ranking number <from> to ranking number <to>.
  • See also: spods, weekly, wspods


    Restriction: res

    Usage: location <place>

  • Sets your real-life location, displayed when someone examines you.
  • See also: rlname


    Restriction: res

    Usage: rlname <name>

  • Sets your real-life name, displayed when someone examines you.
  • See also: location


    Restriction: none

    Usage: guess_ispy <word>

  • Use this command to guess to word set by 'ispy'.
  • See also: ispy, sps

  • ISPY

    Restriction: none

    Usage: ispy [<word>]

  • The Snowplains version of I-Spy!
  • 'ispy' on its own tells you what you should be guessing.
  • 'ispy <word>' allows you to set a word for others to guess. The word cannot be changed again for ten minutes.
  • See also: guess_ispy, sps, games


    Restriction: res

    Usage: slave_of [<name>]

  • Become someone's concubine (females) or slave (males and others).
  • 'slave_of' without a name makes you a free person.
  • You may only be the slave/concubine of one person.
  • Don't get stressed about sexism - it's just for fun!
  • See also: lss


    Restriction: none

    Usage: registry

  • View the registry of marriages and divorces.
  • See also: marry, wedding, propose, reject, minister


    Restriction: res

    Usage: accept <name>

  • Use this to accept someone's proposal of marriage, and become net.engaged!
  • See also: reject, propose, marry, wedding, registry, minister


    Restriction: res

    Usage: reject <name>

  • Reject someone's proposal of marriage, or withdraw your own proposal to someone.
  • Also cancels an engagement.
  • See also: accept, propose, marry, wedding, registry, minister


    Restriction: res

    Usage: propose <someone>

  • This officially asks someone if they will net.marry you.
  • Please note, you can only have one proposal in the offing at any one time! Nor can you propose to someone if you are already net.engaged or net.married, or the other person is net.engaged or net.married.
  • When someone x's you, it will say if you want to net.marry someone, or who you are net.engaged to.
  • See also: accept, reject, marry, wedding, registry, minister, annulment


    Restriction: res

    Usage: picture <picture url>

  • This sets the URL of a picture of you.
  • See also: url

  • URL

    Restriction: res

    Usage: url <homepage url>

  • This sets the URL of your homepage.
  • See also: picture

  • Snowplains Addresses

  • Snowplains talker is accessed via telnet at: 3456 3456
  • The URL for the website is:
  • The Snowplains FTP site can now only be accessed through the website.
  • The email address for the Snowplains Admin is:


    Restriction: res

    Usage: resize [<name>]

  • This automatically increases the size of your list, dependent on your total login time.
  • You will get 5 spaces extra to your original 25 for every 2 days login.
  • Choccies can resize a player's list using 'resize <name>'.
  • See also: limits

  • Snowplains Meets

  • Meets are a way of meeting spods from Snowplains irl, and finding out the real faces behind the names you see so often! If you want a meet in your area, please feel free to organize one! The Snowplains Admin will support you, and help you to advertise it, but they can only organise ones near them irl, so it's up to you!
  • Snowplains will be ten years old on Saturday 18th of February, 2006! To celebrate the admin plan to go to the pub (in Ipswich)! We'd like as many of you as can to join us :) For details see:
  • Check out the meets web page at:
  • To see your meet on this page, email

  • Elections

  • We need some new Choccy penguins!
  • Nominations were open from the 19th until the 29th of January. The admin have prepared a shortlist of candidates from these nominations, which you can view using the "shortlist" command.
  • Voting is now open, and will close at 8pm GMT on Tuesday 11th February. Please see "help vote" for IMPORTANT information before you vote.
  • See also: democracy, electioneering, shortlist, vote


  • Electioneering includes hassling other users for nominations or votes.
  • During nominations, please remember that the admin will give more weight to self-nominations (with reasons) than nominations by others. It isn't a vote at this stage, and harassing other people to nominate you will probably result in you being excluded from the election.
  • Once voting is open, there will be a "Hustings" directory in the news system for candidates wishing to put themselves forward publicly. Excessive Electioneering is banned. If you're a candidate, DON'T DO IT or you will be removed from the election.
  • If someone annoys you by doing it, log it with the 'emergency' command and mail the admin to tell them.
  • See also: democracy, election, shortlist, vote

  • Voting

  • Nominations are now closed for the current election.
  • The admin will now produce a shortlist of candidates for the election, from the nominations that have been submitted.
  • Voting will open once everything is ready. Hopefully soon!
  • See also: democracy, election, electioneering

  • VOTE

    Restriction: res

    Usage: vote <name>

  • You may only vote THREE times. Please use your vote wisely.
  • Your three votes are completely separate; you can use each one for any of the candidates in the election (including yourself, if you're standing).
  • This list of people to vote for is viewable by typing: shortlist
  • You may only vote if you were made resident before nominations opened, on Sunday 19th January.
  • Excessive Electioneering is banned. If you're a candidate, DON'T DO IT or you will be removed from the election. If anyone annoys you by doing it, log it with the 'emergency' command and mail the admin to tell them.
  • Voting closes at 8pm GMT on Tuesday 11th February 2003.
  • See also: democracy. electioneering, shortlist


  • Nominations are now closed for the current election.
  • The admin have produced a shortlist of candidates from the nominations.
  • Voting is now open, so you can make your choice! Make sure you read 'help vote' for full details before you vote, though.
  • See also: elections, electioneering, shortlist, vote


  • Nominations are now closed for the current election.
  • The admin have prepared a shortlist of candidates from the nominations, and voting is now open!
  • See also: elections, electioneering, shortlist, vote


    Restriction: res

    Usage: nominate <name> <reason>

  • We need to elect some new Choccy penguins. If you would like to volunteer, or you think someone would make a particularly good Choccy, please use this command to nominate them.
  • Self-nominations are allowed AND ENCOURAGED, they carry more weight than a nomination from someone else. This is not a vote, and lots of nominations don't make a difference.
  • Obviously hopeful candidates should know the talker and its commands well, and spend a reasonable amount of time on it. We need people who are COMMITTED to the job. They should also be a responsible person, and prepared to take on the job and its responsibilities.
  • For a description of what the admin expect from staff on Snowplains, a copy of the Penguin Guidelines is available on the web site (in the ftp site section). It's a good idea to read this before making any nominations.
  • Excessive electioneering will simply result in you being excluded from the election. So don't do it!
  • See also: democracy, election, electioneering


    Restriction: none

    Usage: shortlist

  • Displays the list of people for whom you can vote during an election.
  • Remember that you have three votes, each of which can be used for any of the candidates.
  • See also: democracy, election, electioneering, vote

  • Elections

  • We currently have no immediate plans for another election for new staff, but rest assured there will no doubt be some at some point. If you think you would make a good penguin, we suggest you look at the Guidelines as posted on the web site ( Would-be Penguins are required to demonstrate a good knowledge of the commands of the talker, and a sufficient online presence as to actually be of use to us!

  • Retirees

  • March '96: Kleoette retired as a Choccy Penguin.
  • October '96: hatter, Pantling, and Malus retired as Summer Penguins. Wakko retired as a Choccy Penguin.
  • November '96: Goldfish retired as a Choccy Penguin.
  • February '97: Dot retired as a Choccy Penguin.
  • October '97: Priscilla, Dodgy, Buttmunch, Picard, TheBabe, Pineapplehead, and hatter retired as choccies. Wabbit stepped down to Choccy from Royal.
  • November '97 Perci retired as a Royal Penguin.
  • December '97: Rubberplant and Taggy retired as Choccy Penguins.
  • January '98: Wabbit retired as a Choccy Penguin.
  • March '98: Mgf retired as a Choccy Penguin.
  • June '98: Daine retired as a Choccy Penguin.
  • August '98: Garion, Mulder, Smurf and Trub retired as Choccies, and Newt stepped down as a Royal.
  • November '98: Raiden stepped down as a Royal.
  • December '98: Emi retired as a Summer Penguin.
  • January '99: Alecto retired as a Choccy Penguin.
  • August '99: Ghoti retired as a Choccy Penguin.
  • October '99: Tharg retired as a Choccy Penguin.
  • January '00: Laura retired as a Choccy Penguin.
  • February '00: Nick retired as a Royal Penguin, and Dcr as a Choccy.
  • June '00: Raptor retired as a Choccy Penguin.
  • August '00: Vento retired as Royal Penguin.
  • December '00: Rillaith retired as a King Penguin.
  • November '01: Odie retired as a Royal Penguin.
  • January '02: Cassandra retired as a Choccy Penguin.
  • May '02: Tinkerbell retired as a Choccy Penguin.
  • January '03: Bruce retired as a Royal Penguin.
  • August '04: Perci retired (second time!) as a Choccy Penguin.
  • September '04: Jellojoy retired as a Choccy Penguin.
  • June '07: Gangsta, Molt and Stipe retired as Royal Penguins, and Elvina and Jaq retired as Choccy Penguins
  • Thanks to everyone.. You've done a great job!


    Restriction: res

    Usage: blockfriends [on|off]

  • Blocks all friends tells, which you would otherwise see. Alerts your friends to this fact, and displays your name in [] on fwho.
  • Royals and above don't receive friend-tells from anyone not flagged as a 'friend' on their OWN 'list'.
  • See also: tf, friend, friends, blockfriendsof

  • Democracy

  • We didn't have enough ressies before Easter 1996 to hold a vote for penguins. The admin tried to make as fair a decision as we could.
  • Since then (unlike most other talkers) we have allowed the residents of Snowplains to choose who most new penguins are, by holding elections.
  • Anyone who has any complaint about any of the penguins should bring the details to the admin.. even if the complaint is about them, they need to know your views, and we hope we can do something about them. This is what the 'pfb' command has been introduced for.
  • The only thing we cannot do is demote the 4 present admin, who NEED their status to actually run the talker. If you don't like them, you will have to go elsewhere.
  • See also: promotion, nominate, pfb

  • Weddings

  • If you want to get married, ask a Penguin about it. The ceremony can only be performed by certain Penguins who serve the Ice Gods, called Ministers. With enough notice, even the Ice Gods themselves and their handmaiden might be there!
  • Please note that you must be net.engaged to be net.married to someone.
  • See also: marry, propose, reject, registry, minister, divorce, temple


    Restriction: none

    Usage: dream <your dream>

  • This 'emote's a dream to everyone in the room. It is seen as: Rillaith dreams . z Z ( Mmm.. Choccy ice cream! *drool* )
  • It can be abbreviated to *

  • Goldfish

                                                                       o o
                                                ><>                   o o
       o                  o     ><>     o                  o         o    __
         o ___/|__          o            o   o       ><>    o          o /o \/|
       o  /o      \/|   o              o     ___/|__      o              \__/\|
         (   >>     |      o            o   /o      \/|   o  ___/|__
          \_______/\|    o  ___/|__        (   >>     | o   /o      \/| 
                        o  /o      \/| ><>  \_______/\|  o (   >>     |
                          (   >>     |     ><>              \_______/\|


    Restriction: none

    Usage: suggest <your idea>

  • If you have any suggestions for how we could improve Snowplains, please use this command to let us know, for example, ideas for new socials, new commands, modifications to existing ones, etc.
  • Any admin logged on at the time will be notified of your suggestion, and it will be saved to disk.
  • If you have any suggestions for new socials, please register them using this command. It would also be helpful if you could give an idea about what you think it should say. Alternatively email
  • See also: bug, social


    Restriction: none

    Usage: script <reason|off>

  • If granted this priviledge by an Emperor, you can use extended scripting. Basically, this means that everything you see is logged, until you type 'script off'. A valid reason MUST be given.
  • See also: emergency

  • SING

    Restriction: none

    Usage: sing <song lyrics>

  • Sings a song to the rest of the room, for example: Rillaith sings ./~ I saw a mouse! Where? There on the stair! Where on the stair? Just there! A little mouse with clogs on, well, I declare! Going clip clippity clop on the stair! Oh yeah! ./~

  • Spam spaM sPaM spAm SPam SPaM!

  • SPAM!
  • SPAM!
  • SPAM!
  • SPAM!
  • SPAM!
  • SPAM!
  • SPAM!
  • SPAM! (Egg and beans anyone?)
  • SPAM!
  • SPAM!
  • SPAM!
  • SPAM!
  • SPAM! (Now YOU know what it's like....)
  • Spamming, for those of you fortunate enough to have never experienced it until you read (or were shown) this help file, is filling up someone's screen with lots of nonsense, eg repeating a command several times, or "piping" ascii art to someone's screen.. But be warned.. The penguins don't like it. The other users don't like it. Don't do it!
  • Shouting or talking in public rooms in a foreign language is considered spam, as not everyone will understand. Please stick to English.
  • See also: etiquette

  • Advertising

  • Advertising other talkers is frowned upon. Don't do it.
  • See also: inebriate, warn, banish, nuke

  • Caps

  • Please do not over use Capital Letters. Words in caps are the net equivalent of SHOUTING at someone, and have a tendency to make people quite irate! Please be considerate in your use of them in prefixes, names, titles, and above all, communicating!
  • See also: etiquette

  • Tori Amos

  • Apparently the world's greatest female singer-songwriter. Especially prone to writing beautiful songs about zebras, Jupiter, bakers and faeries, playing the piano like a dervish, and looking gorgeous. She's the topic of many a head-scratching conversation in the meeting place.
  • Our resident Toriphiles are Goldfish, Grendel, Jarel, Newt, and Bruce (amongst others), for whom this has been added, and whose opinions it contains!

  • Snowplains ftp site

  • Want to see what other spods look like? (Are you sure? Crazy maybe?) Then check out the pictures section on the ftp site.
  • If you have a picture of yourself you would like to add, let one of the admin know.
  • The snowplains ftp site can be accessed through a web browser at:
  • See also: web, url, address

  • Spod

  • One of those people often found around the Snowplains and like places... They seem to have a fascination for Satan's Unholy Brew (also known as Coffee to those who don't LITERALLY drink it black) and are never found next to their computers without plenty of garlic bread close to hand once darkness has fallen to cover their naked and unashamed spoddiness.
  • See also: penguins, marble, pling


    Restriction: none

    Usage: spods

  • See the list of the present top ten spods, and their total login times.
  • See also: spod, rank, wspods, weekly

  • Snowplains Village

  • To visit another person from the main meeting place, type: entrance village <person's name>
  • These can all be abbreviated to make it easier!
  • See also: main, map, go

  • The Temple of the Ice Gods

  • To visit the Temple from the main meeting place, type: entrance cavern hole temple
  • These can all be abbreviated to make it easier.
  • See also: main, map, go

  • MAP

    Restriction: none

    Usage: map

  • Views the map. Very useful!
  • See also: village, temple

  • Limits

  • All players start with certain limits applied to them. These include a maximum number of rooms, and a maximum number of spaces in your list. If you want these limits to be increased you must ask a King or Emperor Penguin. However, there will be a restriction on how much your limits can be changed.
  • Rooms - You start with 2. This will be upped to no more than 5 if you have a plan for an area which needs more rooms, and if you can convince a Penguin that this is a worthy cause!
  • Lists - You will start with 25 spaces. This can be upped at a rate of 5 extra spaces per 2 days login time, up to a total of 50. You can resize your own list to the current maximum by typing 'resize'.
  • See also: resize


    Restriction: none

    Usage: social <command> [<name>]

  • "Socials" are commands which save you the bother of emoting something, but don't blame us if the response isn't exactly what you're expecting!
  • You can also abbreviate this to: $<command> [<name>]
  • 'socials' lists the social commands available, and the total number of socials available.
  • '$$ [<name>]' does a random(ish) social. Don't say you weren't warned!
  • '$<social> $' does the specified social to a random(ish) person in the room.
  • '$$$' does a random social to a random person in the same room as yourself.
  • See also: bansocials, suggest

  • Snowplains Web Page

  • Snowplains has a web page! It's at:
  • So what are you waiting for? Go have a look!!!
  • See also: ftp, url, address

  • Promotion

  • If you would like promotion, then read on..
  • There is a strict order of ranks, and the only way you will be promoted to a particular rank will be via all the ones before it.
  • There is no guarantee that you will ever be promoted beyond any rank you may actually reach.
  • If you ask for promotion, or badger any King or Emperor Penguin asking for promotion, this is what will happen: + First of all you will be pointed in the direction of this help file. + The next time, you will have a flag set on your character which tells ALL the Penguins that you have been a nuisance, and will prevent your character EVER being promoted. + If you don't believe us, try it and see.....
  • Promotions to Choccy are done by elections. Promotions beyond this level are decided on by the current Penguins. Please use the 'pfb' command to tell us what you think of our current penguins, and hence have your say in these promotions too.
  • See also: vote, nominate, pfb, pita

  • Advanced Help

  • Normal ressie commands or help files might be different for Royals or Emperors.
  • The ones to watch out for are: grabable check colony boot with
  • (*) marked commands are not used a lot, technical stuff generally.
  • A 'note' is an item of mail or news.


    Restriction: res

    Usage: blank_own_list

  • This wipes all the entries in your 'list'.
  • See also: rlist, list


    Restriction: none

    Usage: comments

  • This shows the comments people have set in response to the 'session'.
  • The users who set the comments are not shown, nor are blank comments.
  • See also: seesess, comment, session


    Restriction: res

    Usage: rd <user_list> <dream>

  • This sends an 'emote': <your name> dreams . z Z ( <dream> ) to a particular list of users.
  • It can also be used as 'fd' for 'rd friends'.
  • 'rd @<name>' or 'fdo <name>' will dream to someone else's friends.
  • See also: user_list, dream, remote


    Restriction: res

    Usage: rs <user_list> <song>

  • This sends an 'emote': <your name> sings ./~ <song> ./~ to a particular list of users.
  • It can also be used as 'fs' for 'rs friends'
  • 'rs @<name>' or 'fso <name>' will sing to someone else's friends.
  • See also: user_list, sing, remote


    Restriction: none

    Usage: rt <user_list> <msg>

  • This sends an 'emote': <your name> thinks . o O ( <msg> ) to a particular list of users.
  • It can also be used as: !~ for rt everyone ft for rt friends [Residents only] st for rt sus [Penguins only]
  • You can also use .<user_list> ~<msg> instead.
  • 'rt @<name>' or 'fto <name>' will think to someone else's friends.
  • See also: user_list, think, remote


    Restriction: res

    Usage: homeview

  • This tells you who is in your room at that time, their title, and how idle they are.
  • Emperors - This allows you to see who is in ANY room, using homeview <owner.roomid>
  • See also: notify


    Restriction: none

    Usage: jetlag <hours>

  • This allows you to set your time difference in hours to the time on Snowplains (GMT)
  • Once set, 'jetlag' on it's own will tell you the value to which it is set.
  • See also: time


    Restriction: none

    Usage: noeprefix

  • This toggles whether you are ignoring prefixes on all emotes that you see.
  • See also: noprefix


    Restriction: res

    Usage: showexits

  • This toggles whether you will see the exits from a room on entry into the room. New residents have this on by default.
  • See also: exits


    Restriction: none

    Usage: summink_version

  • This tells you that Snowplains was based on Summink version 1.0

  • Jarel

  • Jarel first suggested Snowplains to Berry and Rillaith, although it wasn't "Snowplains" at that point. He had downloaded "Summink" code from the Surfer's web site, and we decided to give it a go! Marble was drafted in to help with the coding, and off we went!
  • A 3rd year compsci when we started, he now works for BT, so he spods nearly as much as he ever used to while supposedly writing his dissertation *grin*
  • See also: emperor

  • Marble

  • One of the biggest spods you'll ever get to meet this side of the South Pole, and a King Penguin.
  • Having said that, he HAS helped us quite a bit :)) *hug*
  • See also: spod, king

  • Pling

  • Pling is a '!'. At least, that's what spods call her, unless they call her a shriek. But that's likely to get you kicked sharply in the shin, so be warned. She has her own social, and is often to be found giggling inanely and/or randomly, especially on the Penguin channel! In real life, she is known for her abilities at drinking copious quantities of demon brew, and her more... violent tendencies.
  • Her aim in life is apparently to get to Number 1 on the top ten list of spods, but her chances of this are now slim, having graduated! Good luck to her!
  • See also: spod, royal

  • Penguins

  • These are the friendly bureaucracy of Snowplains. They are responsible for the day to day running of Snowplains, and come in several different species. These are Emperor, King, Royal, and Chocolate penguins.
  • See also: emperor, king, royal, choccy, summer, pfb, stafflist

  • Emperor Penguins

  • These are the chief penguins, with the greatest power, and most responsibility on Snowplains. Their closest relatives in the evolutionary tree are the King penguins.
  • Berry and Jarel are the Emperor Penguins.
  • They can be contacted via email to:

  • King Penguins

  • These are the closest relatives of the Emperor Penguins, and have nearly as much power as them on the snowplains. They were mildly less likely to wreck the place, for the mere reason that they wouldn't know how!, but scientific studies are showing that they are as adept at this as the other members of their genus.
  • Marble and Pling are our King Penguins.

  • Royal Penguins

  • These are the penguins who can help with most of a user's problems which the Choccy penguins cannot sort out.
  • This species is represented at the moment by Gravity, Gribble, Hobnob, Marnanel, Narenek, Phlebas, Ruby and Thorin.
  • This species was once considered extinct, or at least very, very good at hiding, as no-one had found a member of it.
  • See also: summer, pfb

  • Choccy Penguins

  • A novel and rare species of penguin, these have some power over new visitors to the plains, and are highly conversant with the other species of penguin. They are responsible for assisting new visitors, and can grant you residency. They are commonly found in groups, and have very brightly coloured, very waterproof plumage. They do need to be kept in a cool dark place tho, as they have a tendency to melt in strong sunlight.
  • This species seems to be extinct!
  • See also: summer, pfb

  • Summer Penguins

  • During the summer, whilst many of our normal Penguins are off on their holidays, Snowplains is usually helped out by some Summer Penguins. Clad in brightly coloured (some would say garish) Bermuda shirts, these penguins are immediately recognisable!
  • If you have any comments about how these Penguins get on, please let us know, using the 'penguinfeedback' command.
  • See also: pfb

  • Site Admin

  • The Site Admin are the very nice penguins who run the computer that Snowplains runs on. They don't have any extra rank on Snowplains itself because of being a site admin, although they do have a few extra commands to enable them to shut it down when they need to do something to the site, and so forth. They don't administrate Snowplains itself, so if you're looking for those admin, try the Kings or Emperors.
  • For the first time in a long time, we don't have any site admin, because our new site is run by the regular admin!

  • Snowplains Staff

  • Our staff here are all Penguins of different varieties: Emperors: Berry, Jarel Kings: Marble, Pling Royals: Gravity, Gribble, Hobnob, Marnanel, Narenek, Phlebas, Ruby and Thorin
  • See also: penguins, emperor, king, royal, chocolate, pfb

  • Ministers

  • Ministers are penguins specially chosen by the Ice Gods, and invested with the power to perform marriages and divorces. They have power over other penguins in the temple, where they have the power of the Ice Gods behind their actions.
  • Currently blessed penguins are: Buttmunch, Cirrus, Elvina, Giovanni, Iskai, Jillybean, Juls, Muzicgirl, Nick, Peekaboo, Raptor, Rillaith, Tinkerbell and Ylla.
  • See also: lsm, minister_comms, weddings, temple

  • Minister's Commands

  • divorce, frazzle, marry, say_loudly

  • Choccies' Commands

  • assist, banlist, comfy, confirm, dns, drag, force, forceable, id, inebriate, join, lsn, mode, new, off_duty, on_duty, pmotd, qassist, rename, resident, sn/se/st/ss, sober_up, su_hi, trans, unconverse, visit, vlog, warn
  • See also: royal_comms, king_comms, emp_comms

  • Royal Penguins' Commands

  • banish, banshouts, bansocials, blank_prefix, blank_title, id, jail, list_res, reset_session, reset_sneeze, rm_shout, rm_title, rn/re/rnt/rns, say_loudly, sneeze, trace, unbanish, unjail, unwalrus, vlist, walrus, yoyo
  • See also: choc_comms, king_comms, emp_comms

  • King Penguins' Commands

  • abort, ae/an/at, archive_log, bedit, blank_email, blankpass, chlim_list, dump (*), echoall, email_list, list_staff, lookup, lurkmode, make, newbies, nuke, pita, priv, reboot, reload, reset_login, reset_resdate, rm_move, scare, shutdown, spam_me, splat, sync, syncall, unspam_me, unsplat, validate_email, vlog, votecount, wall
  • See also: choc_comms, royal_comms, emp_comms

  • Emperor Penguins' Commands

  • barge, chlim_auto, chlim_exit, chlim_mail, chlim_room, defrag, dfcheck, dfstats, grant, lag, list_notes (*), netstat, relink, remove, restore (*), rm_note (*), rshp_add, rshp_del, view_note (*)
  • See also: choc_comms, royal_comms, king_comms, advanced

  • Designing Rooms

  • If you would like to help us out as we get Snowplains off the ground by offering to design some rooms, we would be most grateful. Basically what we would like are rooms that can be used for rooms on Snowplains. When I have come up with a sensible map, we'll have more of an idea of the rooms we want. Until then, the more suggestions or descriptions the better :)
  • What we need for rooms are: The description. An enter message What people see when someone arrives there. Any auto messages What the room emotes at specified intervals to anyone inside.
  • Email your ideas and suggestions to me at:
  • If there are any problems, email me on the above address, or the admin, at
  • Thanks to everyone who has been helping us set Snowplains up.. Let's hope it thrives! And a big thank you in advance to anyone who offers some ideas on how to make this more fun environment too! ~Rilli

  • Help

                            -=> How to use help <=-
  • It is hugely recommended that you read help pages 'H1' through 'H16' for a quick guide on the commands available and general information. (Do help H1 ... etc). The pages are listed on 'help index'.
  • 'help index' gives an index to pages H1-H16
  • 'help <command>' gives help on individual commands.
  • 'help basic' gives you an overview of the basics you need to know about what the commands do.
  • Look around and enjoy the place. If you would like a permenant account then ask around for 'residency' and you'll usually find there's someone around who can help you out. 'lsu' will give you a list of the people connected who can give you this.
  • There are many rooms on the Snowplains.. Type 'map' to see where you can go.
  • Above all.. Enjoy yourself!

  • Help Index

            H1      comms           Communicating
            H2      info            Information Commands
            H3      custom          Customisation Commands
            H4      moving          Moving Around
            H5      list            List Commands
            H6      check           Check Commands
            H7      news            News Mode & Commands
            H8      mail            Mail Mode & Commands
            H9      room            Room Mode & Commands
            H10     editor          The Editor & Commands
            H11     misc            Miscellaneous Commands
            H12     flags           Flags
            H13     rules           *** The Rules ***
            H14     disclaim        Disclaimer
            H15     credits         Credits
            H16     tutorial        Basic Help & Tutorial - Especially useful 
                                    for new users.
  • Any problems, comments or suggestions to:

  • Communicating

      say (' ` ")      Say a message to people in the same room as you.
      emote (: ;)      Emote an action to people in the same room.
      remote (< ,)     An emote, but to a particular person(s).
      pemote (:: ;;)   Possessive emote (puts 's after your name).
      premote (<: ,;)  A pemote, but to a particular person(s).
      shout (!)        Shout something to everyone on the program.
      tell (> .)       Tell a particular person(s) anywhere in the program.
      whisper (=)      Whisper to a person(s) in the same room as you.
      echo (+)         Echo to people in the same room as yourself.
      recho (-)        Like echo, but to a particular person(s).
      reply (])        Reply to a tell to several people.
      ereply ([)       As reply, but for an emote.
      converse         A typing shortcut where everything you type will be "said"
                       to the room you are in. Use with care.
      /end             End converse mode.
      think (~)        Express something as a thought to the room at large.
      tf               Short form of 'tell friends'.
      rf               Short form of 'remote friends'.
      rt               Short form of 'remote <player(s)> thinks . o O ( blah )'.
      social ($)       A set of "social" commands. See 'help social'.
      sing             Sing a song to the room at large.
      dream (*)        Dream a dream to the rest of the room.


      who            Lists who is currently on the program. (who 2 etc)
      swho           A brief version of 'who'.
      twho           Does a 'who' with titles, not session messages.
      fwho           Show which of your friends are on. (see help list)
      friends        Lists all the people logged on who have you as a 'friend'.
      where          Lists where everyone (or a particular person) is.
      with           Lists who a particular person is with.
      hide           Make it so no-one will know where you are.
      idle           Shows when someone (or everyone) last did something.
      idlemsg        Set a message to say why you're idle.
      examine (x)    Show info about a person who is logged in.
      finger (f)     Show info about someone who isnt logged in.
      look (l)       Show the room you are in, and who is in it.
      time           Show the local time, and some information about the program.
      map            Displays the map.
      commands       A list of every command you can do.
      privs          A list of abilities you have.
      grabable       Lists who you can grab.


      title          Change the message after your name.
      prefix         Change the message before your name.
      tagline        Set a short description of yourself.
      description    Write a long description of yourself.
      plan           A message for when you're not on the program.
      prompt         Set the normal prompt to something.
      cprompt        Set the prompt as seen in converse mode.
      password       Set your password.
      email          Set your email address and who can see it.
      gender         Change your sex.
      entermsg       Change the message people see when you enter a room.
      ghome          Toggle whether you get transed to your home when you log in.
      recap          Change the capitalisation of your name.
      age            Set your age (0 turns off).
      birthday       Set your birthday (0 turns off).
      url            Set your webpage URL.
      picture        Set your picture URL.
      rlname         Set your Real Life name.
      location       Set your Real Life location.
      icq            Set your ICQ number.

    Moving Around

      go <exit>     Move to an adjacent room,
      home          Go home.
      main          Go back to the main room.
      exits         Find out where you can 'go'.
      check room    Find out the name/id of the room you are in.
      grab          Grab someone into the same room as yourself.
      <exit name>   'go'es through the exit with that name.
  • See also: village

  • Lists

      list              View your list.
      clist             Clear entries in your list.
      slist             Set particular flags in particular entries.
      rlist             Reset particular flags in particular entries.
      tlist             Toggle particular flags in particular entries.
      flist             Force the flaglist to that specified.
      noisy,ignore,   }
      inform,grabme,  } Toggle, set or reset flags according to which command is
      friend,bar,     } used on a particular person or persons in your list.
      beep, block,    } See 'help flags' for more information about these.
      mailblock       }
      resize            Set your list to the maximum size currently possible.
  • Special user lists can be used as list entries, such as sus and everyone.

  • Check

      check autos      See the automessages in a room.
      check commands   Lists all the check commands you can perform.
      check email      See what your email address is set to, and who can see it.
      check entry      Check the entry for your name, on someone elses list.
      check exits      View the exits in the room.
      check flags      Checks how some things are set for you.
      check list       Check your list.
      check mail       View your mailbox.
      check news       Check to see if there are new articles of news.
      check room       List info about a room.
      check rooms      List your rooms.
      check url        List the homepage URLs of those logged on.
      check wrap       Check the line/word wrap stats.
  • Choccy+ check dns Indicates whether DNS lookups are enabled or not. check logs Lists any important logs which have changed. check name Reports on name clashes - check before renaming a newbie. check toggles Shows you the status of the system level toggles.
  • Royals+ check flatlist Lists open connections, including file descriptor info. check ip Lists ident and host info of all those logged on. check mails Lists email addresses of those logged on. check res_list Same as list_res <letter>
  • Kings+ check info List all the info about a player (very useful) check updates Letters not yet saved physically to disk after updates. Puts a
  • under unsaved letters.


    Restriction: royal

    Usage: banshouts

  • Temporarily removes the ability to shout from everyone. Remember to reset this after a while!
  • See also: check toggles


    Restriction: royal

    Usage: bansocials

  • Temporarily removes the ability to use socials from everyone. Remember to reset this after a while!
  • See also: check toggles

  • HTTP

    Restriction: emp

    Usage: http [on|off]

  • Switch the web login facility on or off, web who listings and web examine/ finger.
  • 'http' on its own reports the current status.
  • See also: check toggles


    Restriction: king

    Usage: debug <level>

  • This allows you to determine how much debugging spam you are willing to suffer.
  • <level> starts at 0 (off). At a <level> of 1, you only get the most important messages; as you increase the number towards the maximum of 9, you receive more and more messages. From level 8 upwards, you are presented with anything that is being saved to a log file.

  • Snowplains NEWSystem

  • Snowplains NEWSystem is loosely based on the ideas of UseNet news, although obviously greatly simplified. News articles are split into newsgroups (or directories if you prefer) and you can only read articles in newsgroups which you are 'subscribed' to. The first time you enter the NEWSystem by typing 'news' you are automatically subscribed to all the newsgroups there are. 'unsubscribe' will let you leave one after that.
  • Generally you will just want to read new news. The 'next' command is the easiest way to do this - just typing it repeatedly will step through all the news you haven't read in all the newsgroups you have subscribed to.
  • Use the 'goto' command to go to a particular newsgroup, and 'list' to list its contents. 'list a' will list even the articles you haven't read. 'read' will then read an article, you can reply to it with 'reply' or post a new article with 'post'.
  • A full list of commands can be found by typing 'help newscomms'.

  • News Commands

      check news        See if there is new news since you last read it.
      news              Do a news command, or enter news mode.
  • Via the news command, or whilst in news mode (recommended): check See if there is new news since you last read it. next Reads next unread article. Also 'new'. list [a] Lists unread articles in the group. Also 'ls'. With an "a", lists all articles in group (read and unread). read <num> Read news article with number <num>. Also 'cat'. post <title> Post an article. (Read 'help edit'.) reply <num> Reply to an article with a new article. remove <num> Remove one of your posts. catchup Mark all news articles in current newsgroup as read. goto <group> Enter newsgroup with name <group>. Also 'cd'. inform Alerts you to when a new news article is posted. subscribe <grp> Adds newsgroup to list of groups checked for unread news. unsubscribe <grp> Removes newsgroup from list of groups checked as above. commands Lists all of the available news commands. help <subject> View help on <subject>. end Exit sub command mode.
  • Kings+ newgroup <grp> [<rank>] Create new newsgroup. remove <num> Remove article <num> from current group. rmgroup <grp> Remove newsgroup <grp>. sync Save news to disk.

  • Snowplains MAILSystem

  • Snowplains MAILSystem provides a way of communicating via mail with other users of Snowplains. Like most other mailers, it provides facilities for sending, reading and replying to mail, and organising it into folders. The system requires no setting up: the simplest use of it is just to use 'mail check' to list your new mail, 'mail next' to read each message, and 'mail delete all' to delete them afterwards.
  • Incoming mail comes into a folder called 'INBOX'. This folder is created automatically for you and automatically selected when checking your mail. You may create other folders at any time and move mail into them. Also, Snowplains can keep copies in a particular folder of all mail you send, and move all your read mail from INBOX to another folder periodically.
  • By default, any deleted messages will be expunged (wiped completely) whenever your player is saved (this is usually only when you log off). Expunged mail cannot be undeleted.
  • There's a complete list of commands available by typing 'help mailcomms'.

  • MAILSystem Commands

      check mail             List any mail in your inbox you haven't read.
      mail                   Enter mail mode, or do a mail command.
  • Via the mail command, or whilst in mail mode (recommended): check Check the mail queue for any new mail to you. next Show the next unread mail you have. list [n] List all [or just new] mail in the current folder. read <num> Read a particular message. Performs the onread action. unread <num> Unread a message so it looks new again. The onread action is not undone, however. onread <action> See 'help mail_read'. post <names> <subject> Send a mail to one or more users. Read 'help edit'. reply <num> Reply to one of the mails you have received. replyall <num> Reply, to all recipients of the original. onreply <action> See 'help mail_post'. forward <num> <names> Forward a copy of a mail to one or more users. onpost <action> See 'help mail_post'. delete <num> Mark a message (or 'all') as deleted. undelete <num> Remove the deleted mark from a message. expunge Permanently deletes all messages that you have marked deleted. inform Toggle whether you get informed about new mail. goto <folder> Change the current folder. ongoto <action> See 'help mail_folders'. create <folder> Create a new folder. destroy <folder> Destroy a folder and all its messages. BE CAREFUL! move <num> <folder> Copy a message to another folder and delete it. onsave <action> See 'help mail_onsave'. commands List all the available mail commands. help <subject> Normal Snowplains help. end Leave mail mode.

  • Reading mail

  • Individual messages are read using 'mail read <number>'. A header showing the sender, recipients and the subject, and the message body are shown.
  • 'mail unread <number>' makes a message look unread. Useful to make it show up with 'mail check', which only lists unread mail.
  • 'mail onread <action>' allows you to perform an automatic action when reading a message. delete The message will be marked as deleted after reading. keep The message will be kept after reading. [DEFAULT]
  • See also: mail, mailcomms

  • Sending mail

  • Send a mail to one or more users using 'mail post <names> <subject>'. The names are comma separated with no spaces, and the subject is optional. You will be put into the editor - use '.end' to send the mail when you are happy.
  • 'mail reply <num>' replies to the sender of a mail you have received. You do not specify a title - "Re: " will be prepended to the original one. 'mail replyall <num>' replies to the sender and all the recipients of a mail.
  • 'mail forward <num> <names>' lets you send an exact copy of a mail you have received to someone - you cannot edit the mail, and it will contain at the top a copy of the header which was on the original mail.
  • 'mail onpost <action>' lets you do things automatically when posting. This applies to 'mail post', 'mail reply', and 'mail forward'. save <folder> A copy of all sent mail should be saved to <folder>. If the folder is full, the earliest message is removed to make room for the copy. forget Don't keep any record of sent mail. [DEFAULT]
  • 'mail onreply <action>' specifies whether the original mail should be quoted or not when replying. The default action is 'quote', but you can use 'noquote' if you wish.
  • See also: mail, mailcomms

  • Mail folders

  • A folder is a collection of messages, each folder holding up to 16 messages. New folders can be created easily with 'mail create <folder>' and there is no limit on the number of folders and no restriction on their names.
  • INBOX is a special folder created by the system automatically when needed, and used to receive new mail.
  • 'mail destroy <folder>' will destroy a mail folder. You may not abbreviate the name of the folder with this command.
  • 'mail ongoto <folder>' causes automatic actions to be performed when changing folder: expunge Clear all deleted mail from the current folder. keep Leave the current folder as it is. [DEFAULT]
  • See also: mail, mailcomms

  • Mail 'onsave' handling

  • 'mail onsave <action>' lets you specify what Snowplains MAILSystem should do automatically when your player is saved. Normally your player is only saved when you log off, but it also happens when you change email address or password, or when you use the 'save' command. Both 'expunge' and 'move' may be in operation at once with the onsave handler. expunge Deleted mails will be removed altogether. [DEFAULT] move <folder> Any other mails in INBOX will be moved to a folder. keep Neither of these will happen.
  • See also: mail, mailcomms

  • Room Commands

      lock           lock the room you are in.
      connect_room   sets the room you will attempt to connect to.
      boot           boots people out of your rooms.
      room           do a room command, or enter room mode.
  • Via the room command, or whilst in room mode (on your own rooms only!): [+-]auto Add or remove an automessage (+ to add a message, - to remove one). autos Check automessages, or turn them on or off. bolt Close the room to all but you. check Info about all your rooms. create Create a room. delete delete a room. edit Edit the description for the room. Read 'help edit'. entrance Opens a room so people can arrive there when they login. entermsg Set the message that other people will see when someone leaves a room to enter this room. [+-]exit Add or remove an exit to another room (+ to add, - to remove) id Set the id of the room. info give some info about the room. link Link your rooms to another. linkable Make it so other people can link to a room of yours. lock Lock a room so only those with keys can get in. open Make it so anybody can enter a room. name Set the name of the room. notify You get told when someone enters a room of yours. sethome Make this room your home. speed Change the speed of the automessages. commands Lists commands available in this mode. end End sub command mode.
  • See also: ghome

  • The Editor

  • Lines not starting with / or . are inserted into the text. .del Delete the current line. .- Go back a line. .+ Go forward a line. .view See what you've written. .l View the current line. .g Goto a line. .top Goto the top. .bot Goto the bottom. .wipe Completely clear the buffer. .stats Show some stats about the buffer. .quiet toggle whether you go into 'quiet' mode when editing. .end Quit the editor and KEEP the changes. .quit Quit the editor and THROW AWAY any changes.

  • Miscellaneous

      blocktells     Ignore any tells to you.
      earmuffs       Ignore any shouts.
      linewrap       Turn off, or set the width of your terminal.
      wordwrap       Turn off, or set the largest word that will trigger wrapping.
      show           Show what sort of command some text has originated from.
      hitells        Hi-lights any personal messages for you.
      quit           Leave the program.
      lsu            List the penguins currently connected.


  • This is a list of the flags you can set for someone in your list, also for everyone: noisy Person can defeat blocktells and earmuffs. ignore You will not see anything person does, and if they try a tell they will get your ignoremsg if set. inform You will see a message when person connects. grabme Person can grab you. friend Person is a friend. bar Blocks person from entering your rooms, even if they are open. beep Your terminal will beep when person connects. block Blocks tells from person. key Gives person the key to your rooms, they can enter locked. rooms and lock and unlock any room. find Person can find you even when hidden. mailblock Stops person from sending you mail.
  • See also: help <flag>

  • *** The Rules ***

  • The name of the game is to enjoy yourself.
  • What you do on your own is private, but, should anything you do be abusive or annoying to other users (this includes "spamming" or "piping"), or at all offensive, then be prepared to bear the full brunt of the consequences.
  • Drug related conversation is in ALL WAYS banned from public rooms or channels (see 'help drugs' for more information on the rule). Similarly, no exchange or discussion of "where to get" pirated software is permitted.
  • You must set a valid email address or your user will not save.
  • Please stick to one resident user per person, it saves on disk space. Anybody found having multiple characters, may have ALL their characters brutally removed.
  • The decisions of any Penguin are final. However, please note that NO-ONE on Snowplains has the power to snoop, or intercept anything that happens in private.

  • Disclaimer

     Here, the term "administrators" refers to Jarel, Berry, Marble and Pling.
  • In no event will the administrators of this program be liable to you or anybody else for any damages, including any general, special, incidental, or consequential damages, arising out of use or inability to use the program, or arising from the actions of you or other users of the program.This includes, but is by no means limited to, the fact that any statement made by any user of the program is not necessarily the view of the administrators, nor supported by them.
  • By using this program you are explicitly accepting the above terms, for this and any future uses of the program, and that you indemnify the administrators against any damages arising in any way to do with your, or anybody elses, use or misuse of the program.

  • The Credits!

  • 92-94 - Simon Marsh wrote the original EW-too code. Chris Hughes added more code with it running as Foothills, then Athanasius added even more while it was running as Surfers. Between Athanasius stopping coding for Surfers, and releasing "Summink", more code was added by Grim (Michael Simms), Fox (Jeremy Doran) and Nicolai (Nicolai Plum). In 1994, Athanasius released "Summink" - his copy of the EW-too code.
  • Batfink, Sparrow, Xolf, and Nicolai wrote the original help files.
  • The code has been extensively adapted and extended to become Snowplains by Berry (Gareth Boden), and Jarel (John Patterson), with help from Marble (Ainsley Pereira) and Rillaith (Sally Martin).
  • English version help files more or less completely rewritten, updated, and maintained by Rillaith. Portugese version help files translated by MgF, to whom we are grateful.

  • Basic Tutorial

                          -=> Welcome To Snowplains <=-
  • OK, first a quick notation note: anything written <something> should be replaced by the value of <something>, eg 'tell <name> <msg>' becomes 'tell rillaith I'm a womble' when you put in some specific values for <name> and <msg>.
  • Snowplains is a place to meet people, hang out, and talk. Please respect other people, and treat them as you would anyone you might meet somewhere else. Snowplains is run by the Emperor and King Penguins, assisted by the Royals.. They're the people to talk with if you have problems or questions or suggestions.
  • Unfortunately some people may feel the need to use Snowplains to insult and offend others. This is about the only thing which is not allowed. Anyone doing so can expect to be warned and if they persist, banned from using the program. If you are the object of harassment in public, tell a penguin, and the person will be subject to punishment. If you are being severely harassed, use emergency scripting. 'emergency <reason>' will script for 60 seconds all that happens. 'emergency stop' will stop before that time. USE SPARINGLY. If you have a good reason no-one will mind. If you don't, they will. Consider it to be like the emergency stop on a train. You can also 'ignore' a person (when resident), and you can always leave the room.
  • Snowplains offers many communication commands. The basic one is 'say', which is heard by everyone in the room; 'tell <someone>' is only heard by "someone". 'emote' and 'remote' are the corresponding action commands. 'shout' is heard by everyone on the program, but can be ignored by wearing 'earmuffs'. 'tell' and 'remote' can also be done to 'everyone' or 'friends', going to everyone on the program or to those you have named as 'friends' respectively. 'echo' statements are used for general atmosphere; they appear with a + at the start. (see 'help communicating' for shortcuts.) There is also a wide variety of 'social' commands, but 'help social' is the place to look for explanation of these.
  • Residents have a title, prefix, plan and description to add to the atmosphere. Please try and set them to something. If everyone does a bit to add to the place, Snowplains will become much more than the sum of its parts. Your prefix appears in front of your name when you do most things, your title appears on the list of people on Snowplains, your description will be seen by anyone who 'examine's you. 'examine' will show info about anyone, but you can also 'finger' which gives you a bit less info (but including the plan, unlike 'examine') on anyone.
  • People with permanent characters on Snowplains are called residents. If you intend to use Snowplains, it is much more comfortable to be a resident. Ask any Penguin for residency. You will need to supply your email address, which will remain private and visible only to Emperors or Kings unless you make it 'public'. Note once you are resident your name cannot currently be changed. Being resident means only you can use the name you are resident under.
  • Snowplains is divided into rooms. You arrive by default in the main room, the general gathering place. Hang out here to talk and just generally promenade. Residents have rooms of their own, and they can change the description, name, the message people see when someone goes to the room, and so on. Some rooms are open to all, some are only for those given keys. The command 'bounce' will take you on a semi-random tour of open rooms. Rooms may have exits, you can see with 'exits' and you can go through them 'go <exit name>'. Read "help rooms" for help on the room commands. You might like to look at the map of the Snowplains.. 'map' displays it to you.
  • Room descriptions, mail, and news all use the editor. This is a line-based editor which is quite easy to use. Commands to the editor are entered on a blank line beginning with a ".", so we have ".quit", ".top", etc. Read 'help editor' BEFORE using mail, news, or room edit.
  • Each resident has a 'list'. People can be put on it, and then be flagged as friends, with keys, as to be ignored, that a message should be displayed when they login ("inform") and others. Lists are an important part of Snowplains. Read 'help list' to find out how to maintain your list.
  • Most numerical limits on a character in the program can be changed on request by an admin, if you can justify it. The command 'resize' will adjust the length of your list if you have enough login time. See 'help limits' for more details about this.

  • HELP

    Restriction: none

    Usage: help <topic|command>

  • Gives help on a topic. <topic> can be a word, typically a command or a number, for the more 'general' help pages.
  • The help is very comprehensive, but if you find that there is no help for something you think should be included, please 'bug' it, or talk to an admin!
  • Can be abbreviated to ?
  • See also: index


    Restriction: none
  • This is a list of users, where the names are separated by commas. For example: joe,fred,sally,sue
  • It can also be a single user name, or special lists of users such as everyone, friends, sus, newbies, room
  • 'room' is used as a substitute for everyone in the room, oddly enough!
  • 'friends' is used as a substitute for everyone flagged as a 'friend' on your 'list'.
  • See also: sus, everyone, pipe, tell, remote, groups

  • The Pager

  • This splits pages of long help files, mail, or news messages into screen- sized chunks. Especially useful if you do not use a MUD client like tiny fugue, or have no scroll lock facility! b or p Back 1 page. f or n Forward 1 page. t Go to the top of what is being paged. q Quit.
  • Anything else will just re-print the same page.
  • See also: nopager


    Restriction: none

    Usage: nopager

  • Toggles whether you get paged output or not.
  • See also: pager

  • SAY

    Restriction: none

    Usage: say <msg>

  • Says a message to all the people in the same room as you.
  • Can be abbreviated to ' or ` or "
  • See also: tell, emote, pipe


    Restriction: none

    Usage: emote <msg>

  • This emotes an action to people in the same room.
  • Can be abbreviated to : or ; (Note - no space! Use ';<msg>' not '; <msg>')
  • See also: say, pipe, remote


    Restriction: none

    Usage: remote <user_list> <msg>

  • Like an emote, but to a particular list of users.
  • Can be abbreviated to <
  • 'remote friends' can be shortened to 'rf'
  • 'remote @<name>' or 'rfo <name>' will emote to someone else's friends, so long as you are their friend too. Can be abbreviated to {.
  • See also: user_list, tell, emote, tf, friend


    Restriction: none

    Usage: pemote <user_list> <msg>

  • A possessive emote, ie it puts 's after your name.
  • Can be abbreviated to :: or ;;
  • See also: user_list, premote, emote


    Restriction: none

    Usage: premote <user_list> <msg>

  • Like a pemote, but to a particular list of users.
  • Can be abbreviated to <: or <; or ,: or ,;
  • See also: user_list, pemote, remote


    Restriction: res

    Usage: shout <msg>

  • This tells something to everyone on the program.
  • Can be abbreviated to '!'
  • Can also use: !: !; 'emote' to everyone !~ 'think' to everyone !* 'dream' to everyone
  • See also: pipe, rt, everyone, remote, tell

  • TELL

    Restriction: none

    Usage: tell <user_list> <msg>

  • Tells a message to a particular list of users anywhere in the program.
  • Can be abbreviated to > or .
  • 'tell friends' can also be shortened to 'tf'. If you are not the friend of a Royal +, they will not get your friend tells.
  • 'tell @<name>' or 'tfo <name>' will tell someone else's friends. You must be one of their friends too, though. Can be abbreviated to }.
  • See also: user_list, say, remote, premote, friend, blocktells, blockfriends


    Restriction: none

    Usage: exclude <user_list> <msg>

  • This says something to everyone in a room except those specified in the user -list. Those excluded will be told you said something about them.


    Restriction: none

    Usage: reply <msg>

  • This tells the same set of users (more than 1, that includes you, and that were the object of a previous tell or remote), <msg>.
  • Can be abbreviated to ]
  • See also: ereply, user_list


    Restriction: none

    Usage: ereply <msg>

  • This remotes to the same set of users (more than 1, that includes you, and that were the object of a previous tell or remote), <msg>.
  • Can be abbreviated to [
  • See also: reply, user_list


    Restriction: none

    Usage: whisper <user_list> <msg>

  • This whispers a message to a list of users in the same room as you.
  • Can be abbreviated to =
  • See also: exclude, tell


    Restriction: none

    Usage: think <msg>

  • This expresses some comment as a thought to all the people in the same room as you.
  • It is seen, for example, as: Rillaith thinks . o O ( Meep )
  • Can be abbreviated to ~
  • See also: rt, ft, emote

  • ECHO

    Restriction: res

    Usage: echo <msg>

  • This echoes a message to people in the same room. It will have a + in front of it to the other players, unless they do not have show echo set. It does not mention your name in it.
  • Can be abbreviated to +
  • See also: pipe, show, seeecho, recho


    Restriction: res

    Usage: recho <user_list> <msg>

  • This is like echo, but echoes the message to a particular list of users.
  • Can be abbreviated to -
  • See also: echo, seeecho, user_list


    Restriction: none

    Usage: seeecho

  • This puts the name of the person who echos in front of the echo
  • See also: show, echo, recho


    Restriction: none

    Usage: converse

  • This is a typing shortcut whereby everything you type will be "said" to the room you are in.
  • To leave 'converse' mode type '/end'.
  • Normal commands can be used if prepended by / eg '/emote smiles.'

  • END

    Restriction: none

    Usage: [.|/]end

  • This is used to end a submode, eg mail, news, room, and return to normal mode.
  • Use '.end' to quit the editor (and save) and '/end' to quit converse mode.
  • See also: room, mail, news, converse, editor

  • WHO

    Restriction: none

    Usage: who [<number>|<player list>|all]

  • This lists who is currently on the program, and is split into pages. 'who <number>' gives page <number> when there are more users than the page is large enough for.
  • 'who all' gives the whole list at once.
  • 'who <player list> will list only those connected players.
  • Can be abbreviated to 'w'
  • See also: swho, fwho, twho, seetitle

  • SWHO

    Restriction: none

    Usage: swho<->

  • This is a brief version of 'who' and will give names without the titles or comments. When appended by a "-", the names will be listed without prefixes either.
  • See also: who, fwho, twho

  • FWHO

    Restriction: res

    Usage: fwho <->

  • If you have a list, this shows which of your friends are on.
  • When appended with a "-", this lists people without their prefixes.
  • People currently blocking friend tells are shown in [].
  • See also: blockfriends, friends, swho


    Restriction: none

    Usage: list_su

  • This lists the penguins (superusers) currently logged in, whether they are on or off duty, their rank, and their idle time.
  • Can be abbreviated to lsu.

  • LSM

    Restriction: none

    Usage: lsm

  • This lists all ministers who are currently logged in, and lets you know how idle they are.

  • TWHO

    Restriction: none

    Usage: twho

  • This shows the list of who is logged on with their titles, rather than with their session messages.
  • Default who can be changed to twho using the seetitle command.
  • See also: who, swho, fwho, seetitle


    Restriction: none

    Usage: where [<user_list>]

  • This lists where everyone (or a particular list of users) is.
  • See also: user_list

  • WITH

    Restriction: none

    Usage: with <name>

  • This lists who a particular user is with.
  • Emperors can find someone who is hiding.

  • HIDE

    Restriction: none

    Usage: hide

  • This hides you from the 'where' command so no-one will know where you are, unless you have the 'find' flag set for them in your list.
  • See also: where, list, find

  • IDLE

    Restriction: none

    Usage: idle [<user_list>]

  • This shows when someone, everyone, or a particular list of people last did something, and their idlemsg if set.
  • See also: idlemsg, user_list, idling

  • SAVE

    Restriction: res

    Usage: save

  • This command ensures that your character is safely updated in the saved player files.

  • WAKE

    Restriction: none

    Usage: wake <name> [<msg>]

  • This attempts to wake someone. It sends them a message and an apparently somewhat obnoxious beep. You can optionally add your own message.


    Restriction: res

    Usage: session <comment>

  • This sets the session. This is for atmosphere, amusement and as a discussion topic. Please set a comment, however trivial, using 'comment'. Note all users see a message when the session is changed.
  • See also: comment, comments, seesess, seetitle, twho


    Restriction: none

    Usage: comment <msg>

  • This sets a one-line comment to the session topic. Please set one when the 'session' changes, even if it's completely trivial.
  • See also: session, comments, seesess, seetitle, twho


    Restriction: none

    Usage: seesess [<number>]

  • This shows you the session comments.
  • 'seesess <number>' shows you page <number> of the comments when there are more than a screenful of users connected.

  • MOTD

    Restriction: none

    Usage: motd

  • This displays the message of the day. Read this whenever you login, as it will contain any important announcements. It is only displayed on login if it has changed since you were last on.
  • See also: pmotd


    Restriction: none

    Usage: idlemsg <reason>

  • This sets a message to say why you're idle. eg idlemsg is off to the loo.
  • In the places that the idle message shows up people will see: <your name> is off to the loo.
  • This will only last until you next type a command, even if it is not a valid one. You will be booted for idling after 30 minutes.
  • See also: idle


    Restriction: res

    Usage: ignoremsg <msg>

  • This sets the message which people you are ignoring will receive when they try a tell or remote to you.
  • See also: ignore


    Restriction: none

    Usage: iacga

  • This controls whether you get prompt change messages via the telnet protocol. These can be used by a frontend to display an appropriate prompt. Some telnet clients have problems with this, so it can be switched off. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.


    Restriction: none

    Usage: examine <name>

  • This shows information about a player. It does not matter if they are presently logged in or not.
  • Note that email and other "real-life" stuff is shown on 'finger' instead.
  • It can be abbreviated to 'x' or 'ex'
  • See also: finger


    Restriction: none

    Usage: finger <name>

  • This shows "real world" information about a user. They do not have to be logged in.
  • It can be abbreviated to 'f'
  • 'finger friends' shows information about how long it is since all your friends logged in.
  • See also: examine, friend, list

  • LOOK

    Restriction: none

    Usage: look [-]

  • This shows the room you are in, and who is in it.
  • It can be abbreviated to l
  • 'look -' just shows the people in the room, and the exits from it, if any.
  • See also: showexits

  • TIME

    Restriction: none

    Usage: time [<name>]

  • This shows the local time and a couple of stats, including what your jetlag is set to at present.
  • You can use 'time <name>' to find out what time it is for another logged-in user.
  • See also: jetlag


    Restriction: none

    Usage: commands [<name>]

  • This lists every command you can do.
  • 'help <command>' gives more help on a particular command.
  • Choccies + can use 'commands <name>' to see what commands someone of lower rank can use.


    Restriction: res

    Usage: privs

  • This gives a list of abilities you have.
  • See also: privileges


    Restriction: res

    Usage: grabable

  • This lists who you can grab of the presently logged on users.
  • Royals can 'grab' 'everyone', so should beware of 'grab everyone'!
  • See also: grab, grabme


    Restriction: none

    Usage: recap <name>

  • This recapitalises your name, please be conservative with capital letters. eg. recap RiLlaItH


    Restriction: none

    Usage: title <msg>

  • This changes the message after your name. Please refrain from setting titles that are mostly, if not completely upper case.
  • See also: seetitle, prefix


    Restriction: none

    Usage: seetitle

  • This toggles whether you see session comments or titles in the who list.
  • Default is titles.
  • See also: title, comments, seesess


    Restriction: res

    Usage: prefix <msg>

  • This changes the message before your name. Please refrain from setting prefixes that are mostly, if not completely upper case.
  • See also: title, noprefix, noeprefix


    Restriction: none

    Usage: noprefix

  • This toggles whether you will see prefixes or not.
  • See also: noeprefix


    Restriction: res

    Usage: tagline <text>

  • Use this to set a short description (maximum about three lines) to appear when people examine you.
  • This is the same as the 'description' command in EW-2.
  • See also: description, examine, plan


    Restriction: res

    Usage: description [<name>]

  • 'description' on its own starts the editor to edit your own long description. It is flagged on 'examine' that you have one.
  • 'description <name>' looks at someone else's description.
  • See also: tagline, examine

  • PLAN

    Restriction: res

    Usage: plan <msg>

  • Use this to write a message for when you're not on the program.


    Restriction: none

    Usage: prompt <msg>

  • This allows you to set the normal prompt ( -> ) to something else.
  • Certain macros can be used in your prompt. These are: $w World name (Snowplains) $p Player name $t Current time (hh:mm:ss) $u Current time, in short format (hh:mm) $r The room you are currently in. $s A space character (only needed at end of prompt)
  • See also: cprompt


    Restriction: none

    Usage: cprompt <msg>

  • This allows you to set the prompt as seen in converse mode.
  • When already in converse mode use /cprompt
  • See also: prompt, converse


    Restriction: res

    Usage: password

  • This allows you to set or change your password. It MUST be set for your character to be saved when you quit.
  • If you forget your password, you must email with your player name, and ask for it to be changed. DO NOT get another character ressed, as you are in danger of getting both characters nuked.


    Restriction: res

    Usage: email <address>|public|private|friends

  • Use this command to set your email address. An email address MUST be set for your character to be saved when you quit. It must be valid and unique to you. Your character is at risk of being nuked if your email address is not satisfactory.
  • 'email private' will set your email so that only higher Penguins can see it.
  • 'email public' will set your email so that everyone can see it.
  • 'email friends' will set your email so that only friends on your list and higher Penguins can see it.
  • See also: public


    Restriction: res

    Usage: public

  • This used to toggle whether your email address is private (only you and admin can view it) or public for all to see, but is now obsolete. Instead, the 'email' command should be used.
  • See also: email


    Restriction: none

    Usage: gender <m|f|n|p>

  • This allows you to set which sex your character is.
  • Options: male, female, not-exactly-anything, plural


    Restriction: none

    Usage: entermsg <msg>

  • This changes the message people see when you enter the room.


    Restriction: res

    Usage: ghome

  • This toggles whether you get transferred to your home or the main room when you arrive on the Snowplains.
  • See also: connect_room


    Restriction: res

    Usage: connect_room <name>.<roomid>

  • This allows you to set the room you arrive in when you log in to a room other than the main room or your home.
  • The owner must have set it as an entrance.
  • See also: ghome

  • AGE

    Restriction: none

    Usage: age <number>

  • This sets the age of your character. (0 turns off)
  • See also: birthday


    Restriction: none

    Usage: birthday <dd>/<mm>

  • This sets the birthday of your character. (0 turns off)
  • See also: age

  • GO

    Restriction: none

    Usage: go <exit name>

  • Move to an adjacent room through an exit if there is one.
  • You do not need to type 'go', but just the name of the exit. In the village, you only need to type the name of a user to enter their igloo.
  • Exit names can be abbreviated.
  • See also: trans, visit, bounce, main, colony, village, map


    Restriction: none

    Usage: bounce

  • This moves you to another mostly randomly chosen open room. This is a nice way to see more of Snowplains.
  • See also: visit, trans, go

  • HOME

    Restriction: res

    Usage: home

  • Takes you to your home.
  • See also: go, trans, main, colony


    Restriction: none

    Usage: colony

  • This takes you to the Snowplains nudist colony, a place to mess around, where the rules are relaxed. You can do most anything here, as long as you do not involve people in other rooms. Party on, folks!
  • Staff - colony <name> throws <name> in the colony. Use if someone is not obeying the rules in public, but you do not wish to boot them off the Snowplains. (For choccies, <name> must be a newbie.)

  • MAIN

    Restriction: none

    Usage: main

  • Takes you back to the main room from anywhere.
  • See also: village, go, trans, map


    Restriction: none

    Usage: exits

  • This finds out where you can 'go' from the current room.
  • See also: go, showexits

  • GRAB

    Restriction: res

    Usage: grab <name>

  • Grab someone into the same room as yourself, if they have allowed you to grab them.
  • See also: grabme, grabable

  • BOOT

    Restriction: res

    Usage: boot <user_list>

  • This boots someone out of your rooms, back to the main room.
  • Royals - boot <name> boots someone from the main room into the boot room. They cannot leave for a couple of minutes.
  • See also: user_list

  • CLS

    Restriction: none

    Usage: cls

  • This clears the screen. You must have a terminal type set for this.


    Restriction: res

    Usage: clist <user_list>

  • This removes ALL entries for a single person or a list of people from your list.
  • See also: rlist, flist, slist, tlist, list, rmfriend, user_list


    Restriction: res

    Usage: slist <user_list> <flag list>

  • This sets particular flags in particular entries.
  • See also: tlist, rlist, clist, list, user_list, flist


    Restriction: res

    Usage: flist <user_list> <flag list>

  • This forces a flag to be set for a particular user in particular entries in your list.
  • See also: slist, tlist, rlist, clist, list, user_list


    Restriction: res

    Usage: rlist <user_list> <flag list>

  • This resets particular flags in particular entries.
  • See also: clist, tlist, slist, flist, list, user_list


    Restriction: res

    Usage: tlist <user_list> <flag_list>

  • This toggles particular flags in particular entries.
  • See also: slist, clist, rlist, flist, list, user_list

  • BUG

    Restriction: res

    Usage: bug <whatever the sodding bug is>

  • Use this to report a bug. Please be as specific as possible. Your report will be logged and dealt with. For longer bugs, please email the admin at
  • Any admin logged on at the time will be notified of the bug, and it will be saved to disk.
  • See also: suggest


    Restriction: res

    Usage: noisy <name> [off|on|<blank>]

  • This allows you to hear a user through 'blocktells', 'ignore' and 'block'
  • If you only supply a name, then the flag will be set, unless it is already set, at which point it will be cleared.
  • See also: list

  • FIND

    Restriction: res

    Usage: find <name> [off|on|<blank>]

  • This allows someone on your list to find out where you are even when you are hiding.
  • If you only supply a name, then the flag will be set, unless it is already set, at which point it will be cleared.
  • See also: list


    Restriction: res

    Usage: ignore <name> [off|on|<blank>]

  • This allows you to 'ignore' someone, and 'block's 'tell's and 'remote's from them. It also prevents you telling or remoting to them.
  • If you only supply a name, then the flag will be set, unless it is already set, at which point it will be cleared.
  • See also: ignoremsg, list, blocktells


    Restriction: res

    Usage: inform <name> [off|on|<blank>]

  • This tells you when someone logs in.
  • If you only supply a name, then the flag will be set, unless it is already set, at which point it will be cleared.
  • See also: list, beep


    Restriction: res

    Usage: grabme <name> [off|on|<blank>]

  • This allows yourself to be 'grab'bed by someone else.
  • If you only supply a name, then the flag will be set, unless it is already set, at which point it will be cleared.
  • See also: grab, grabable, list


    Restriction: res

    Usage: friend <name> [off|on|<blank>]

  • This puts your 'friend' on the checklist for 'fwho', and allows you to 'tell'/'remote'/'think' to everyone on your friends list.
  • If you only supply a name, then the flag will be set, unless it is already set, at which point it will be cleared.
  • See also: list, ft, rf, tf, fwho, blockfriends, user_list, rmfriend


    Restriction: res

    Usage: rmfriend <name(s)>

  • This removes your name from someone else's friends list. Any other flags they may have set against your name are unaffected.
  • See also: list, friend, ft, rf, tf, fwho, blockfriends, user_list


    Restriction: res

    Usage: friends

  • Lists the people on who have you flagged as a 'friend' on their 'list'.
  • See also: fwho, blockfriends, tf, friend

  • Everyone

    Restriction: none
  • This will, with some commands, do the command to everyone. You replace the usual <user_list> with 'everyone', eg tell everyone how do I smoke kippers?
  • Can also be a list entry, eg 'inform everyone'.
  • 'newbies' is another special list of users which can be used similarly.
  • See also: list, user_list, shout, sus

  • BAR

    Restriction: res

    Usage: bar <name> [off|on|<blank>]

  • This bars someone from entering your rooms. Once barred, this user cannot enter, no matter what.
  • If you only supply a name, then the flag will be set, unless it is already set, at which point it will be cleared.
  • See also: list, boot

  • KEY

    Restriction: res

    Usage: key <name> [off|on|<blank>]

  • This presents a person with the keys to your rooms. They can enter locked rooms of yours and (un)lock them.
  • If you only supply a name, then the flag will be set, unless it is already set, at which point it will be cleared.
  • See also: lock, list, keys

  • BEEP

    Restriction: res

    Usage: beep <name> [off|on|<blank>]

  • This sends a beep to your terminal when someone logs in if you have inform turned on for that person.
  • If you only supply a name, then the flag will be set, unless it is already set, at which point it will be cleared.
  • See also: list


    Restriction: res

    Usage: block <name> [off|on|<blank>]

  • Stops a user from 'tell'ing to you.
  • If you only supply a name, then the flag will be set, unless it is already set, at which point it will be cleared.
  • See also: list, user_list, blocktells, earmuffs, blockfriends

  • LOCK

    Restriction: res

    Usage: lock

  • Sets your room so that only you and keyholders can enter.
  • Use 'room open' to open it to everyone again, or 'room bolt' to stop anyone except you getting in.
  • See also: room


    Restriction: none

    Usage: blocktells

  • Prevent personal tells and friend tells reaching you.
  • '.haven' within the editor will put you into a quiet mode while you are editing.
  • See also: earmuffs, tell


    Restriction: none

    Usage: earmuffs

  • Blocks all 'shout's.
  • See also: noisy, blocktells


    Restriction: none

    Usage: linewrap off|<term width>

  • Turns off or sets the width of your terminal
  • Current setting can be checked using 'check wrap'.
  • See also: wordwrap


    Restriction: none

    Usage: wordwrap off|<max word size>

  • Turns off or sets the largest word that will trigger wrapping
  • Current setting can be checked using 'check wrap'.
  • See also: linewrap

  • SHOW

    Restriction: none

    Usage: show <option,option>

  • This will show you what sort of command some text has originated from by putting a specific character in front of the text.
  • 'show' on it's own will tell you which options will be shown to you at present.
  • Options: 'echo' (+), 'tell' (>), 'room' (-), 'shout' (!), 'autos' (#)
  • See also: seeecho


    Restriction: none

    Usage: hitells <termtype|?|off>

  • Hi-lights any personal messages for you.
  • Terminal types available : xterm, vt220, vt100, vt102, sun, ansi, wyse-30, tvi912, adm, hp2392
  • If in doubt, vt100 is often a good choice.
  • If ansi is selected, you'll get lots of pretty colours! Note - a black background to your screeen is best with this option!
  • If you select the wrong termtype and your screen appears to be corrupted (you get lots of weird characters appearing), then type: hitells off.
  • See also: su_hi

  • QUIT

    Restriction: none

    Usage: quit

  • Leaves the program. Fairly obvious, really :)
  • This cannot be abbreviated, unlike most other commands.

  • Residency

  • To obtain residency, please type 'lsu'. This lists the Penguins currently connected. Ask one of these people for residency. If none are connected, either hang around for a while, or try again later.
  • Residents have rooms of their own, which they can decorate as they wish, a saved list and access to more commands than a "hatchling" or "newbie" (a non-resident). Also much personal data about them can be set and will be saved. On a more basic level, it means no-one else can use your name, and your character will not be destroyed upon exiting.


    Restriction: none

    Usage: emergency

  • If there is a problem with someone on the program, ie. they are being rude/ abusive, and there is no Penguin to take action against the offending party, this command makes a script of everything that happens for the next four minutes.
  • It is implemented by typing 'emergency', to which the program replies:
  • You must give a reason for starting emergency scripting as an argument. (And the reason better be good ...)
  • Then you enter a reason why you started the scripting. eg: Power abuse from Marble.
  • For the next four minutes, anything that anybody says will be logged to a file. However, you may stop scripting at any time by typing 'emergency stop'.
  • Please consider this command akin to the Emergency Stop cord on a train. -=> IF THIS COMMAND IS ABUSED, BE PREPARED TO TAKE THE CONSEQUENCES!!!!! <=-

  • Copyright

  • Some people have been posting material, including but not limited to songs and poems, written by others, and claiming they wrote it. THIS IS ILLEGAL and also morally bankrupt. Please refrain from doing this.
  • If you must post other's works, make sure you attribute them properly. This is not the primary purpose of the news on Snowplains, so original works would be preferred.
  • Exchange or discussion of "where to get" WareZ, that is, pirated software, is strictly forbidden. Anyone engaging in such can expect to have their character removed and any information we have about the, may well be passed to the police. Should the police investigate we will cooperate. The survival of Snowplains comes way above your personal wellbeing! You have been warned!

  • Character Expiry

  • If a character has not logged in for some time, it may be automatically deleted by the program. So if you do not wish this to happen, either make sure you log in to Snowplains regularly, or ask for no_timeout. This can be granted by an Emperor Penguin if there are special circumstances that will keep you off the net for a while outside vacations, but when you will definitely be back on Snowplains in the medium future.
  • The expiry feature is disabled during and around vacations so you need not worry if you can only login during term time.

  • Drugs

  • All drug-related discussion in all public rooms is banned. Drugs refers to any substance defined as illegal to sell or purchase under US or UK law.
  • No user of this program may in any way attempt to sell or purchase drugs using this program as a medium. Anyone found doing so will have their character banished, and they will be banned from ever using this program again.
  • There will be no discussions on this rule, it is absolute, and important to the future existance of this program.


    Restriction: king

    Usage: scare <name>

  • Kicks someone off Snowplains, and displays the nuke message to them, so appearing to them that they have been nuked.
  • See also: nuke


    Restriction: king

    Usage: unspam_me

  • Prevents [PENGUIN] channel conversation reaching you. All messages such as assists, etc, are not blocked.
  • 'spam_me' unblocks the channel again.
  • See also: off_duty

  • PRIV

    Restriction: king

    Usage: priv <name> <priv>

  • Grants someone an xplayer priv. Assuming we ever make any *grin*


    Restriction: king

    Usage: reset_login [<mins>]

  • Reset the longest login time of someone. Useful if it's got corrupted somehow, or if they cheated by idle-triggering to get it ;)


    Restriction: emp

    Usage: rshp_add <player> <type> <to>

  • Add a relationship to a player to fix nasty things.
  • See also: rshp_del, rshp_types


    Restriction: emp

    Usage: rshp_del <player> <type> <to>

  • Remove a relationship from a character to fix nasty things.
  • See also: rhsp_add, rshp_types

  • Relationship Types

  • Type is defined by number: 1 = proposed to .. 2 = engaged to .. 3 = married to .. 4 = divorced from .. 5 = slave of ..
  • See also: rshp_add, rshp_del


    Restriction: minister

    Usage: frazzle <name>

  • Throw a lightning-bolt from the Gods at an unruly wedding guest in the temple, kicking them off Snowplains.
  • See also: drag, minister


    Restriction: minister

    Usage: marry <one> <t'other>

  • Net.marry two love-penguins :)
  • See also: propose, reject, registry, wedding, minister, divorce, annulment, temple


    Restriction: minister

    Usage: divorce <name> <name>

  • If you require a divorce from your net.other.half, you must speak to a minister. Divorces are not easy to come by, and will show up on your 'x' *permanently*.
  • See also: marry, minister, weddings, annulment


    Restriction: king

    Usage: archive_log <log>

  • Forces a log file to be archived so that the portion accessible to Snowplains when logging, or viewing using 'vlog', is empty. Use this before manually editing a logfile (which of course you'll never do) to make sure that noone accidentally causes the logfile to be archived, thus losing data when you save your changes.
  • See also: vlog

  • DNS

    Restriction: choc

    Usage: dns [on|off]

  • Used for disabling DNS lookups by the host machine if they are causing problems, and re-enabling later.
  • 'dns' will tell you the current status.
  • 'dns off' will disable DNS lookups (choccy+ can do this).
  • 'dns on' will enable DNS lookups if they are currently disabled (admin only).
  • See also: check toggles


    Restriction: choc

    Usage: qassist <name>

  • Quietly assists a newbie who you *know* doesn't need any help, or who you have already assisted. Also tells the penguins so only one person deals with them.
  • If you don't know whether the newbie needs any help, use normal 'assist'.
  • Useful if either you or the newbie disconnect.
  • See also: assist


    Restriction: king

    Usage: list_staff

  • Lists all Penguins and their email addresses, and gives the total number.
  • Will one day be sorted by rank and have colour. Apparently.

  • ID

    Restriction: choc

    Usage: id <name|site>

  • Identifies all users connecting from <site> or from the same site as <name>. Gives user id, ip number, site name, and email address.
  • If the user id is "???", the site does not support identification. Choccies will always see ???.
  • If the user id is "...", a reply from the site is being awaited.
  • If the user id is "(WWW)", the user is connecting via the web interface.
  • Choccies cannot id logged out players and they cannot see user ids or private email addresses.


    Restriction: choc

    Usage: pmotd

  • This displays the Penguin message of the day, which will contain any important announcements for the Penguins. It is only displayed on login if it has changed since you were last on.
  • See also: motd


    Restriction: choc

    Usage: banlist

  • This views the list of banished players and names with email addresses where appropriate.
  • See also: banish, bedit


    Restriction: choc

    Usage: force <name> <command> [-]

  • Force another player to do something. *evil cackle*
  • A '-' at the end does not tell the recipient they have been forced - Kings+ only.
  • Not all commands can be forced, all attempts are logged!
  • See also: forceable


    Restriction: choc

    Usage: forceable [<name>]

  • Tells you what commands you or someone of lower rank can force others to do.
  • See also: force


    Restriction: minister

    Usage: say_loudly <msg>

  • Says something to the rest of the room in bright yellow! Useful for keeping order in weddings!!
  • Can be abbreviated to ''
  • See also: echoall, wall


    Restriction: king

    Usage: ad <msg>

  • Communicates on the [ADMIN] channel.
  • ad <msg> or an <msg> to natter.
  • ae <msg> to emote.
  • at <msg> to think.
  • See also: sn, rn

  • RN

    Restriction: royal

    Usage: rn <msg>

  • Communicates on the [ROYAL] channel.
  • rn <msg> to natter.
  • re <msg> to emote.
  • rnt <msg> to think.
  • rns <msg> to sing.
  • See also: sn, an


    Restriction: choc

    Usage: inebriate <name>

  • Causes the player to sound drunk as they type (or more correctly, typo.)
  • Very useful for making someone being abusive start looking silly!
  • 'sober_up <name>' allows you to feed them copious quantities of demonic coffee and let their typing return to normal!


    Restriction: king

    Usage: lookup <substring>

  • This lists all players whose email address contains the supplied substring.

  • PITA

    Restriction: king

    Usage: pita <name>

  • Sets the PITA flag on someone. Please direct them to read help promotion first, though!
  • See also: promotion

  • NEW

    Restriction: choc

    Usage: new

  • Takes you to the new player area, where newbies log on to.


    Restriction: choc

    Usage: comfy

  • Takes a Penguin to the Penguins' own special, quiet, warm, comfy room, where they can relax from the pressures of working on the Snowplains.

  • MODE

    Restriction: choc

    Usage: mode <name>

  • Tells you which mode a player is in at the current time (ie news, mail, room, converse, password, quiz, etc...)
  • Please make sure a player IS actually in 'converse' mode before 'unconverse'-ing them!

  • DUTY

    Restriction: choc

    Usage: <off|on>_duty

  • Primarily stops you seeing the Penguin channel.
  • You have to be on duty to use any Penguin command.
  • This can be abbreviated to 'off' or 'on'.


    Restriction: none

    Usage: stats

  • Gives some statistics about the players currently logged onto Snowplains.


    Restriction: royal

    Usage: blank_prefix <name>

  • Blanks a player's 'prefix' if it is unreasonable.


    Restriction: royal

    Usage: blank_title <name> [<new title>]

  • Blanks or changes a player's 'title' if it is unreasonable.


    Restriction: king

    Usage: newbies [off|on]

  • Toggles whether Snowplains is open to new players from any site.
  • 'newbies' on its own informs you of the current status.
  • See also: check toggles


    Restriction: royal

    Usage: rm_shout <name> [<time>]

  • Removes the capability to 'shout' from a particular player, for an optional length of time.
  • Default time is 5 minutes.
  • 'rm_shout <name> -1' removes this ability to shout permanently, or until someone nice comes along armed with 'rm_shout <name> 0'!


    Restriction: royal

    Usage: trace <name>

  • Tells you the site a person is connected from, or where they last connected from and at what time they last disconnected.
  • See also: site

  • YOYO

    Restriction: royal

    Usage: yoyo <name>

  • Use someone as a yoyo, swinging them from one room to another on the end of a string, and landing them back in the snow with a splat.


    Restriction: king

    Usage: abort

  • This command stops a 'shutdown' of the program, if one is currently due.
  • 'shutdown -1' can be also used by whoever decided to shut it down and changed their mind.
  • See also: shutdown


    Restriction: emp

    Usage: dfcheck

  • Validates the dynamic room descriptions. Invariably rejects the system rooms, but hey! nothing's perfect...
  • Prints all the rooms descriptions to a file at present since we have had some problems with the rooms...


    Restriction: king

    Usage: echoall <msg>

  • The toy of the high-up Penguins, this command 'echo's a message to everyone connected. If you found yourself 'emote'ing something you didn't type... this could be why!


    Restriction: choc

    Usage: res <name>

  • Grants a newbie residence. It also gives them a message telling them to set their email address and password.
  • They MUST do this after being ressed to ensure that their character will be saved when they quit.
  • Re-ressing repeats this message.
  • See also: confirm, assist, new

  • SN

    Restriction: choc

    Usage: sn <msg>

  • Talk on the [PENGUIN] channel.
  • su can also be used in place of sn.
  • se <msg> - [PENGUIN] emote ( also su:)
  • st <msg> - [PENGUIN] think
  • ss <msg> - [PENGUIN] sing
  • See also: rn, an

  • SU_HI

    Restriction: choc

    Usage: su_hi

  • Toggles highlighting of the [PENGUIN] channel.
  • Assumes 'hitells' is set.
  • See also: hitells


    Restriction: choc

    Usage: assist [<name>] [-]

  • Informs a Hatchling that you are a Penguin willing to help them, and other Penguins that you are assisting them.
  • 'assist' on it's own gives a list of Hatchlings connected.
  • 'assist <name> -' quietly assists a newbie who you *know* doesn't need any help, or who you have already assisted. Also tells the penguins so only one person deals with them.
  • 'assist' can also be abbreviated to 'as' or 'ass'.
  • See also: list_new, resident, new, qassist


    Restriction: royal

    Usage: banish <name> <reason>

  • This banishes someone permanently from this talker. Anyone attempting to use this name will get a blunt message. You need to supply a reason too.
  • 'unbanish <name>' unbanishes someone previously banned.
  • See also: bedit, banlist


    Restriction: king

    Usage: blankpass <name> <password>

  • Change someone's password. You can no longer use this command to simply blank a password; change it to a temporary value instead.
  • This is case sensitive.
  • See also: password, blank_email


    Restriction: king

    Usage: blank_email <name> [<email>]

  • Blanks someone's email address. It will not then be valid, and the character will not be saved until one is set.
  • In preferance, use 'validate_email' to blank it without the risk of the character getting blown away, if you can.
  • If an email address is given, then email is set to that, not blanked.
  • See also; validate_email, email, blankpass


    Restriction: choc

    Usage: confirm <name>

  • Check to see whether a resident has set password and email. Note those who have not will not be saved.
  • Re-ressing repeats the message about setting password and email.
  • See also: resident, email, password, make, blankpass, blank_email

  • DRAG

    Restriction: choc

    Usage: drag <name> <reason>

  • This ejects someone from Snowplains. A large penguin goes up to them and uses a blow torch to melt the ice from under their feet!
  • Choccies can only drag newbies.


    Restriction: royal

    Usage: walrus <name>

  • This turns someone into a walrus, such that they cannot say, emote, shout, etc, anything except various walrussy noises.
  • Use with care, as it is a saved flag, so if you do not unwalrus someone, they will be walrussed for life..
  • 'unwalrus <name>' returns someone to an unwalrusified state!


    Restriction: king

    Usage: splat <name> [<time>]

  • This 'sneeze's someone and bans all logins from the same site as them for an optional length of time. Anyone who tries gets a message saying try again later.
  • Default time is 5 mins.
  • 'unsplat <name|site>' unbans the site.


    Restriction: choc

    Usage: list_new

  • This lists the current newbies logged on, the site from which they have connected, and who is assisting them if anyone.
  • Can be abbreviated to 'lsn'.


    Restriction: royal

    Usage: reset_session

  • This resets the session timer to 0 so that a new 'session' can be set.

  • JAIL

    Restriction: royal

    Usage: jail <name> [<time>]

  • This throws someone in the jail (snowplains.prison) for an optional length of time. They cannot leave or do an awful lot except 'say' and 'emote'.
  • Default time is 1 minute.
  • 'jail <name> -1' throws someone in jail permanently.
  • 'unjail <name>' removes someone from the jail.


    Restriction: royal

    Usage: list_res <letter>|+|-

  • This generates a list of residents, including their name, the hash chain they are on, and their email address (or status, for special cases).
  • 'list_res <letter>' lists only the residents whose names start with a particular letter.
  • 'list_res +' generates a list of all residents. WARNING: This will generate too much output and you'll get disconnected.
  • 'list_res -' only prints the total number of residents.


    Restriction: king

    Usage: email_list <filename>

  • This writes a list of all users' email addresses to the specified file, one entry per line including name and address.
  • Note that the admin email address is included as the final entry in the list.


  • MUPPETIUM [Mu], denser than lead, strong but brittle - you have to beat it a number of times before you can make an impression, but it's almost always crushed.

  • NUKE

    Restriction: king

    Usage: nuke <name>

  • This removes someone from the program, and deletes their character completely and permanently. It does not remove that character from other players' lists, until they next connect.
  • If you want to be nuked, please speak to a King or Emperor, and email
  • See also: scare, namechange


    Restriction: choc

    Usage: rename <newbie> <new_name>

  • This changes a newbie's name to a new one. Residents' names cannot be changed.
  • See also: namechange


    Restriction: royal

    Usage: sneeze <user_list> <time>

  • This throws the specified player(s) off the program for an optional length of time. They get disconnected with a sarky message.
  • 'reset_sneeze <name>' resets the length of time someone is banned from the program after being sneezed.
  • 'reset_sneeze <person> [<time>]' Changes the sneeze timeout on a person, to remove it completely or optionally increase it to the specified time. {Emperors only}

  • SITE

    Restriction: choc

    Usage: site <name|IPaddress>

  • This lists those connected from the same site (assumed to be a class B net) as someone, or from any numeric IP address.
  • See also: trace


    Restriction: choc

    Usage: unconverse <name>

  • This forcibly removes someone from 'converse' mode. They get told so.


    Restriction: king

    Usage: validate_email <name>

  • This sets someone's email to be nothing, yet valid.
  • Use with care - we have no handle on the emailless.

  • WARN

    Restriction: choc

    Usage: warn <name> <reason>

  • This gives someone an official warning. It is logged and broadcast on the [PENGUIN] channel.


    Restriction: emp

    Usage: barge <name|roomid>

  • This enables you to go anywhere regardless of bolts, etc.
  • 'barge <name>' is like 'visit <name>'; 'barge <owner.roomid>' is like 'trans.<owner.roomid>'


    Restriction: king

    Usage: bedit

  • Allows you to edit the online site ban file. + First add a comment (line starts with #) with the site name, the date it was added, the reason, and your name. + Next the site number with
  • for a range, for example 131.111.131.* for all Churchill College machines. Be careful, as you can end up banishing more than you intended, so banish only single machines where possible. + After the address comes a space, followed by N for no newbies or C for complete closure.
  • This *IS* saved back to disk immediately.
  • See also: banish, banlist


    Restriction: king

    Usage: chlim_<variable> <name> <new_limit>

  • This changes the limits on a player:
  • Kings: chlim_list How many entries a player's list can have.
  • Emperors: chlim_room How many rooms a player can own. chlim_exit How many exits a player's rooms can each have. chlim_auto How many auto messages a player's rooms can each have. chlim_mail How many mails can be sent by a player can exist at a time.
  • See also: resize


    Restriction: emp

    Usage: dfstats

  • This gives some stats about the dynamic rooms. It pauses the server for a few seconds.
  • When the fragmentation reaches about 5% run defrag...


    Restriction: emp

    Usage: defrag

  • This defragments the dynamic rooms. It should be done once a week or so, or when the fragmentation reaches 5%. It pauses the talker for about 30 seconds.


    Restriction: nobody

    Usage: Not any more

  • This gives some debug info for the dynamic rooms.
  • DO NOT TOUCH, as they kill the pager summat awful. (*)
  • * Removed from the code atm.
  • *


    Restriction: emp

    Usage: grant [<name> <flags>]

  • This grants someone the specified privileges. Actually they are more of a subset of saved flags so you can grant banished et al.
  • 'remove [<name> <flags>]' is used to remove these privileges from someone.
  • 'grant' or 'remove' by itself lists the possibilities, which are listed in 'help privileges'
  • See also: privileges, privs

  • Grantable Privileges

    Room Mode >
  • Grantable privileges are: residency Resses someone normally - I think. base *shrug* nosync Character will not be saved echo Ability to echo. mail Use of mail commands script *shrug* banished Banishes the player. sysroom *shrug* build *shrug* Summat to do with room commands house *shrug* Summat ELSE to do wiv room commands trace Ability to use trace - I think. warn Ability to warn frog Ability to walrus *giggle* su_channel Ability to use Choccy commands su Ability to use Royal Penguins' commands lower_admin Ability to use King Penguins' commands admin Ability to use Emperor Penguins' commands hcadmin Ability to do absolutely anything. pita A flag that tells penguins that you've been pestering too much, and will never get promotion.

  • Notes

  • Notes are items of 'mail' or 'news'.
  • There are several commands relating specifically to notes. These include: dump This dumps all notes to disk. (*) list_notes Lists some note stats, goodness knows what. (*) view_note Views a note, on a good day downhill with a following wind. (*) rm_note Remove some particular note. (*) relink Use at your own peril! It changes the links on a given note, could totally spam up the notes system, or fix it if you know what you're doing.
  • * Removed atm:
  • * list_all_notes Allocation stats for all the notes. Boring. Apparently. (*)

  • LAG

    Restriction: emp

    Usage: lag <name> <time>

  • Makes someone have no output from the talker to their screen, and their input do nothing for a particular length of time in minutes.
  • 'lag <name> 0' to unlag them before time...

  • MAKE

    Restriction: king

    Usage: make <name> <email> <password>

  • Makes a new resident with email and password as supplied, without anyone of that name needing to be logged on.
  • Best used for the emailed registrations.


    Restriction: nobody

    Usage: malloc

  • Gives some stats on memory allocation. The most important one is the arena size. If this gets to much more than 3.5MB start thinking about using better code!
  • * Removed from the code
  • *


    Restriction: emp

    Usage: netstat

  • Gives some stats on the state of the net traffic to/from the talker. Use it to prove a talker has no more effect than an ftp session on net traffic.

  • PORT

    Restriction: nobody

    Usage: Not any more

  • Obsolete code. Thought to probably be used for reading in old style player files from a previous version of EW code.


    Restriction: king

    Usage: rm_move <name> [<time>]

  • This makes someone stick to the ground for a certain length of time. They can't be grabbed, or use go, home, main, trans, etc.


    Restriction: emp

    Usage: restore <letter>

  • This re-reads the set of players whose names begin with a particular letter from disk. (*)


    Restriction: king

    Usage: reload

  • This reloads the config file, text messages, help files, and message screens (login banner, motd, etc. {see the files dir}), but not the system rooms.


    Restriction: king

    Usage: shutdown <time> [<reason>]

  • Sets the program to shutdown in a specific number of seconds later. If you give a reason, it will be printed as the actual shutdown takes place, if not, a default is used. If the angel is running IT WILL BE KILLED and SNOWPLAINS WILL NOT BE REBOOTED. Do not use this command unless you are going to restart Snowplains yourself, or Snowplains needs to be taken down temporarily for some reason.
  • See also: reboot


    Restriction: king

    Usage: reboot <time> [<reason>]

  • Sets the program to shutdown in a specific number of seconds later. If you give a reason, it will be printed as the actual shutdown takes place, if not, a default is used. If the angel is running you'll bounce straight back up.
  • See also: shutdown

  • SYNC

    Restriction: king

    Usage: sync <letter>

  • Syncs all player files for characters beginning with a particular letter to disk.
  • 'syncall' syncs ALL player files to disk. It forks, so the server should keep running.


    Restriction: emp

    Usage: vlist <person> <entry>

  • Views a particular entry in the specified person's list.

  • VLOG

    Restriction: choc

    Usage: vlog [<log>]

  • Views a logfile.
  • 'vlog' on its own gives a list of viewable logs.
  • Log files that have changed since your last-on timestamp (updated when you log out or your character is saved) are prefixed with a '*'.
  • Logs are auto-archived when they reach 5K in size, so this command actually views at most the last 5K of any log.
  • See also: archive_log, check logs

  • WALL

    Restriction: king

    Usage: wall <msg>

  • This is what produces the:- <King|Emperor> screams -=> summink <=- messages. Gets through to ANYONE connected.

  • SUS

    Restriction: choc
  • This is used as a special list of users for commands such as 'tell', 'remote', etc. It can be used as a list entry. It can also be used as 'supers'.
  • Its use for communication is, however, restricted to Choccies and above, and non-Choccies get a sarky message :P
  • See also: everyone, user_list, friends


    Restriction: choc

    Usage: trans <userid.roomid>

  • Move to any room of which you know the id.
  • See also: go, home, main, colony, bounce, village, map


    Restriction: choc

    Usage: visit <name>

  • This allows you to visit a user's home, if you have a key from them, or if their room is open.
  • Non-Penguins can go to the village, and type the name of the player they want to visit.
  • See also: bounce, trans, go, village, map

  • JOIN

    Restriction: choc

    Usage: join <user>

  • This joins someone in the room they are in.
  • See also: trans, visit


  • If you see the phrase 'You hear the roar of a distant avalanche.' there is no need to run off and hide, it is just reporting that there was a slight problem with your network connection, normal service should now be resumed.


    Restriction: none

    Usage: weekly [<name>|<ranking>|<from> <to>]

  • Tells you how far down the weekly spods list (the list of login times since the start of the week) you come, and how that differs from last week.
  • 'weekly <name>' tells you the position of anyone else, and the spods above and below them.
  • 'weekly <ranking>' tells you who is at a particular ranking.
  • 'weekly <from> <to>' lists spods from ranking number <from> to ranking number <to>.
  • You can see the whole list from last week at
  • See also: wspods, spod, rank


    Restriction: none

    Usage: wspods

  • This shows you the list of the present top ten weekly spods, and their total login time since the start of the week.
  • You can see the whole list from last week at
  • See also: weekly, spod, rank


    Restriction: choc

    Usage: teach <player> <command>

  • Teaches a player a command. Basically the player sees exactly what you typed (the <command>) part, as well as the result of you doing it.
  • Be careful, if you typo the command, the player will be shown that anyway:)
  • This is similar to 'force' but the person using it does the command, so it can be used to teach 'say' etc.
  • See also: force

  • KEYS

    Restriction: res

    Usage: keys

  • This shows you the list of logged in people who have given you a key to their rooms.
  • See also: key, lock, list


    Restriction: royal

    Usage: rm_title <name>

  • This prevents the player from changing their title.

  • © Copyright 1999 Snowplains Admin -