Snowplains Meet, London, 20-22 December, 1996

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Well, we met up at The Catcher in the Rye in Finchley, drank lots, entertained ourselves with wriggling sperm (which went down very well indeed with the barmaids) and general debauchery, and then headed off home, before going to VGL, Wong Kei's and Imperial bar on Saturday. Those who turned up included Blob, Deejay, hatter, Jackal, Jaq, Lai, Mayn, Nairn, Narenek, Nebby, Rillaith, Spoddy, and Ybanrab. Photos (what few there were) will be scanned once everyone finishes off their films. Probably. Quotes, on the other hand, were in abundance.

Many thanks to Blob for organising the meet. *hugs*


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