Quotes from Cambridge, November 1996

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QUOTE!!!  Every spod meet generates many many many quotes of a dubious nature (commonly hailed by a shout of "QUOTE!!!" audible for several miles around), which are often written down for posterity. Rillaith captured most of these, since she was carrying a pen and pad around all weekend, but other spods, including Bugsy, Middleman, Pling, and a few other anonymous spods also generously donated some of these gems. Most were fortunately attributable to the right person, some may be attributed to the wrong victim, but in the main, misquotes have been avoided...

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  • A. Spod (about Bugsy): She's been busy, give her a break!

  • Berry: Ribena berries actually *do* have sex.
  • Berry: I've never done it in the daytime.
  • Berry: If there's something to fiddle with I'll fiddle with it.

  • Blob: I'm into creamy things.

  • Bugsy: This way I can spread myself around a bit.
  • Bugsy: With this group, anything is possible...
  • Bugsy: I've only had them on my lap so far, but the night is still young!
  • Bugsy: He was vertical most of the time I was doing it.
  • Bugsy: (to MushyPea) You'll do!

  • Gushie: I've been trying to get it up for ages...

  • Halfwit: (Whimpering) What have you done to me?!?
  • Halfwit: If someone comes with me, all the rest of you can just sit here..
  • Halfwit: (to tND) Just don't squeeze the trigger when it's in my trousers..
  • Halfwit: (to Undone) Dave, your body is one big erogenous zone.

  • hatter: When there's only one way to take something it doesn't count.
  • hatter: He had a strange taste in his mouth.

  • Irish: I have large orifices.
  • Irish: (to Mulder) You have cold ears. (But how did she know *ahem*)

  • Jaq: Put it next to your ear and squeeze it.

  • Jarel: What's wrong with getting it in the pub?

  • Linden: (to Bugsy) That's it! Pull it!!

  • Molt: Sheep are good.

  • Mulder: Oh God, my right nipple is glowing!
  • Mulder: (to Rillaith) Well you're going to be at it all night.

  • MushyPea: I did a fairly sly one for the camera.

  • Narenek: I'll have everyone there before 12pm tomorrow.
  • Narenek: Who am I having tonight, anyway?
  • Narenek: You're nasty and spiky and I want to hug you!
  • Narenek: I want Cliffy. He's nice :)
  • Narenek: I've had Kitty on my arm.
    (NB This will mean a whole lot more to people who have met someone in Cambridge called Kitty.. Just ask Middleman for more details...)
  • Narenek: (to Bugsy) Stop taking these men from behind!
  • Narenek: (to Bugsy) So how many people did you have on the floor last night?
  • Narenek: (to Valkyrie) Just come up between our legs, we won't mind.
  • Narenek: (to those who were at his house) My wrist is sore, it's not usually like this after a good night.

  • Odie: (to Vento) Are you going in there? Or are you just playing around?
  • Odie: (to Jarel) Let's just say I've had worse.

  • Pling: If it's up once a day, you're lucky.

  • Pantling: It's not true about me and that... erm... What kind of animal was it again?
  • Pantling: (to Trouble) I'm not going to say anything about your eyes, but you have the best pair of tits I've ever seen.

  • Phlebas: It will come, but you'll have to pull another one out.

  • Posey: Who had that sheep last night?
  • Posey: I collect old ladies...I've got about 6 now.
  • Posey: I have to bend it in a certain way to make it work.
  • Posey: (to Wakko) I can't get it to go in. Oh no! I'm not awake enough.

  • Raiden: She can feel it in two places at once, and I'm only using one hand!

  • Rillaith: I have to stop to walk. (Errrm...)
    (Translation: I have to stop thinking to walk.)
  • Rillaith: No, check HIM for your bits..
  • Rillaith: Oh, it does it when you shove your hand up it.
  • Rillaith: If I squeeze it really hard, will it splurge out a long way?
  • Rillaith: (to Mulder) Spread it around and make sure everyone knows.
  • Rillaith: (about Static) That's because he went up the outside.
  • Rillaith: (to Undone) I've been at it for ages!

  • Smurf: Who wants head and who wants feet?
  • Smurf: I could stroke it all night.

  • Static: Get it out then!

  • tND: What do you MEAN, small and insignificant?!?!
  • tND: (to Gushie) There's no way I'm gpoing down with Bugsy!!
  • tND: (pointing at Rillaith) It's OK, I slept with her last night.

  • Undone: Just stand around Moog for a while and you'll get a LOT more..
  • Undone: Now you're desperate.
  • Undone: If you're going to get yourself into a sticky mess, you might as well make a good job of it.
  • Undone: You have to beat it around with a big stick.
  • Undone: By the time I'd got my camera out, they'd already done it!
  • Undone: I can't believe I'm in bed with two people in seperate beds at the same time.
  • Undone: So what did we do at the meet? We watched Bruce (tND) sit in the corner firing blanks.
  • Undone: I've spodded naked, too.
  • Undone: I'm getting duvet burns!
  • Undone: (Mournfully) It's not long enough.
  • Undone: Just stroking is enough..
  • Undone: I've got toget up for myself.
  • Undone: (to Berry) The amount I have of you even when you are hiding...
  • Undone: (to Bugsy) You're not very good at this, are you.
  • Undone: (about Rillaith) I'm just trying to keep her busy.
  • Undone: (to Rillaith) How many people have you had in this bed then, Sally?
  • Undone: (to Rillaith) You're at it again!
  • Undone: (about Rillaith) Sally does Cambridge!
    Rillaith: (Later..) *bounce* Only 4 more to go!! *big grin*
  • Undone: (to Rillaith) Lie still, he might give up.
    Rillaith: But it's fun!
    hatter: That's why we're both doing it.
    (NB This was innocent at the time...)
  • Undone: (to Phlebas): Was it him in the 3-in-a-bed or someone else?
    Bruce: SHUSH!!!

  • Vento: I withdrew lots before I came.
  • Vento: The really good thing about girl's breasts is that they don't get all pixelated when you get close.
  • Vento: I'm a sucker for anything in 3D.
  • Vento: I only come once a year.
  • Vento: This anus will self destruct in 10 seconds.
  • Vento: I was going to do it that way, but it was too small.
  • Vento: Whose bollocks are you, dear?

  • Wakko: We were going to do it with Rilli, just to piss her off.
  • Wakko: I am devil spawn! You WILL die!
  • Wakko: He _is_ my C++ lecturer, same hair, same voice, same pants...
  • Wakko: There goes my nipple!

  • XSquared: (to Gangsta) If you arrive looking for action, I'll give you some.

  • Zach: Moog has a large broccoli.
    Moog: Zach has squeaky springs.

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